Officials Search for Ayla Reynolds

The 20-month-old was last seen asleep in her bed.
2:23 | 12/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials Search for Ayla Reynolds
The frantic search for a missing toddler in Maine -- month old baby -- ally -- Reynolds was last seen asleep in her bed Friday night. The next morning she was gone ABC's Dan travelers here with details on the investigation to going to. Hey good morning be on -- wearing only thin pajamas with the words daddy's princess on the top. The little girl simply vanished from her home in Maine and whether she wandered outside where the temperatures are in the single digits. Or is abducted her disappearance has certainly sparked a family's nightmare. Police in Waterville Maine are on a desperate search for this little girl twenty month old -- -- Reynolds. She's been missing for more than 24 hours a family member checked in on her around 10 o'clock Friday night. But when her father went to wake her up Saturday morning her bed was empty. There's not much wooded area -- against mostly homes will launch of -- shrubbery. China produced nothing. Police in -- releasing the girl's description say she was wearing a soft cast on her arm after breaking it. They've also interviewed it was mother and father who are separated and say the two have been cooperative. And the search has gone online with a FaceBook page set up for any tips and leads as the family tries to make sense of what happened. Known me when I'm going through -- now is I knew I wanna -- I wanna -- two -- I want -- just walked in search. -- -- all night do whatever I need to do but the police are telling me to. Let -- do the job does somebody have an economy and they I mean if she. As she did and. Was she abducted did she simply wander off wearing only pajamas in the cold -- night. Police are working with very little and the girl's family is growing more concerned. The connecting. Election on the news because I never thought in a million units. My sister or anyone. Sit back hurts -- -- be dealing with the. I just plot may need to be found safe preach that's all we can hope for action at this point. The desperation in her voice there and when I spoke with Taylor's -- morning she said that she does expect. To speak with police today hoping to give them some information for the search. But police told her that they are conducting a search at this point and they have asked the family to give them their space as they do their work.

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{"id":15182601,"title":"Officials Search for Ayla Reynolds","duration":"2:23","description":"The 20-month-old was last seen asleep in her bed.","url":"/GMA/video/investigators-search-ayla-reynolds-15182601","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}