Iowa Caucus a Toss-Up One Week Before Vote

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich battle for first place in GOP caucus.
2:09 | 12/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iowa Caucus a Toss-Up One Week Before Vote
Your politics your voice your vote just a week until the first vote in Iowa. The Republican presidential candidates are ramping up their campaigns right now. And it's not just Romney vs Gingrich but Ron Paul making a comeback as well as a strong contender to take the state. Here's ABC's Jake Tapper with the round. Starting in just a few hours the Hawkeye State will again be packed with candidates hunting for votes -- Rick Santorum -- started off hunting for pheasants with some Iowa politicos. In -- Iowa. -- Newt Gingrich will visit did you Dyer is going to -- Romney Davenport. Rick -- Council Bluffs core index Preston and -- -- and Michelle Bachmann resumes -- 99 county bus to war. Ron Paul will hit the trail the following day. All this week will likely face a barrage of questions about those Ron Paul newsletters from the 1980s and ninety's. Which contained racist anti Semitic and anti gates reads these things are really nasty. And he didn't know about it wasn't aware of it. Please sufficiently ready to be president Paul says he does not write them or read them and he's now disavows them but in the 1990s Paul defended the newsletter saying critics were taking excerpts out of context. And he seemed proud of them. I also put -- a political. Type of business investment newsletter and sort of covered all these areas. Gingrich you needs to grow well in Iowa is pushing this story Gingrich will face questions this week about his organization skills. He failed to secure a place on the ballot for the Republican primary in Virginia. This state in which he lives Gingrich's campaign directors at the candidate likens the debacle to. Pearl Harbor. -- and I agree that the analogy is December 1941. He wrote. We've experienced an unexpected setback but we will regroup and refocus with increased determination. Does that make the Republican governor Virginia. Emperor Hirohito. Anyway the break is over and it's crunch time for Good Morning America Jake Tapper ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15233085,"title":"Iowa Caucus a Toss-Up One Week Before Vote","duration":"2:09","description":"Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich battle for first place in GOP caucus.","url":"/GMA/video/iowa-caucus-toss-week-vote-15233085","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}