Iowa State Fair Plays Host to 2016 Presidential Hopefuls

Possible presidential contenders descend on the Hawkeye State three years before the next election.
2:23 | 08/12/13

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Transcript for Iowa State Fair Plays Host to 2016 Presidential Hopefuls
We turn to politics now. The next presidential race heating up already. Iowa playing host to a lot of candidates this week end. Iowa gets early attention. Nothing like this. That's right, george. The president may be on vacation this week. But those thinking about trying to replace him are taking no rest. The iowa state fair. From cows made of butter to tractor pulls. It's a great artery-clogging tradition that never fails to attract presidential wannabes. Rick san tomorrtorum is back. We're excited to be here. Reporter: Donald trump, trying to sound like a presidential candidate. I have always loved iowa because the people of I what are hard-working people. I'm pro life. Traditional marriage. Second amendment 100%. Reporter: Backstage, he says there's though limit to how much he would spend. The modern presidential campaign with be half a million dollars. Or more. If I get it, I would spend whatever it took. Reporter: It's hard to take him seriously when he's still raising tions about the president's birth certificate. You don't still question whether he was born in the united states do you? I have no idea. I just said -- it's going to be in my opinion, a tougher race tan the last race. You better get your act together, republicans, because it will be tough to beat hillary. Reporter: And hillary supporters were in iowa. Laying ground work. That moment in 2017 when we all get to say, madame president to hillary rodham clinton. Reporter: Another high-profile visit coming up to iowa. None other than vice president joe biden. He'll travel to iowa next month going to the same political event that barack obama made his political debut in iowa at in 2006 as a senator. The message for the biden camp is, for all the talk of hillary, don't forget about joe. Madame president. All right. We move on to the find of a lifetime for a 12-year-old boy. He was on vacation with his

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Possible presidential contenders descend on the Hawkeye State three years before the next election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19934077","title":"Iowa State Fair Plays Host to 2016 Presidential Hopefuls","url":"/GMA/video/iowa-state-fair-2013-2016-presidential-hopefuls-visit-19934077"}