Apple Reveals Latest iPad

The technology giant announces the latest version of its popular tablet
9:20 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Apple Reveals Latest iPad
He -- that apple they are -- -- again with another device they're hoping everyone will want and eventually need. In its first major announcement since the death of Steve Jobs the company introduced the new and improved iPad. And ABC's Neal Karlinsky has all the details. It may be the third iPad but don't call -- iPad three this is what apple calls good new iPad. Solidarity is. -- have -- -- an -- back right to exit at second. -- it it's like McDonald's. You know the drill it smoother sharper with a better screen and an ultra fast four G wireless connection -- not always the screen on this one high definition but so is its camera you can actually shoot high definition movies but this iPad. But between the lines listen to what Apple's new CEO Tim Cook and seeing about its iPad and its iPhone and iPods apple has its feet. Firmly planted. In the post PC future. If you believe apple and the statistics that PC that computer that most of us are familiar with is slowly. Going away in 2010 the first year of the iPad PC got sold tablets twenty to one. Last year -- -- -- outselling it six to one and there's now more ipads candles and android tablets than ever. They are far from dead but there isn't very real and significant place for tablets and needs a question about the next generation and how. Closely they adopt these things and if they just -- the keyboard. Behind apple hasn't missed a beat since Steve Jobs -- but its sharpest observers point out that Apple's newest products still have this Steve Jobs magic. He worked on them before his death. Giving the post jobs era. Still hasn't begun -- I don't it's absolutely hasn't -- what's next is anyone's guess because the one thing that hasn't changed is the mystique that surrounds everything apple does. For Good Morning America Neal Karlinsky ABC news San Francisco.

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{"id":15875183,"title":"Apple Reveals Latest iPad","duration":"9:20","description":"The technology giant announces the latest version of its popular tablet","url":"/GMA/video/ipad-apple-reveals-latest-tablet-named-ipad-15875183","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}