New iPad: Does Apple Tablet Get Too Hot?

Consumer Reports says in some lab tests the tablet can heat up to 116 degrees.
2:25 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New iPad: Does Apple Tablet Get Too Hot?
Is there a -- product right now than Apple's new iPad will according to consumer reports is not likely that says the most -- tablet on the planet could literally. -- too hot to handle burning up to 116 degrees in some lab tests ABC's Jim problem we're joins us now from Washington with much more on this morning again Jim. Good morning Robin this is that this is one of those three million new ipads have been flying off the shells. You could indeed say it's hot in fact some of its users say especially right here in the bottom left hand corner it's literally too hot. How hot is too hot the new ipads brighter screen and bigger battery may come with a price. The tablet can become uncomfortably hot or cold for long periods of time. The reports which likes to new iPad overall tested the third generation apple game changer and found those who have complained of -- hotter to hold device. Are right. Check out these thermal images this is the heat produced by an iPad two and this is the heat from the new iPad. After all it is designed to be held in your hand and its surface after 45 minutes of nonstop game play. Reached a 116. Degrees thirteen degrees hotter than last generations iPad two. But well below the temperature of say a -- a 140 degrees. Or -- hot coffee spill 160 degrees. It never becomes so hot that you can't hold the device. And it also never became so odd that. The device seem to suffer in any way -- apple has had complaints before most notably the iPhone four. It's middle banded screen seemed to cause reception problems and there -- reports that iPod batteries hissed in overheated. Some hospitals seems wrong. New iPad is really amazing look at the screen you think about what they've jammed in there and it -- -- makes -- that has actually gotten warmer than ample. Doesn't sound too concerned either no apology here. Quote the new iPad delivers all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact apple care. So apple is taking the heat quite well one thing to know this really only warms up under intense gaming. It's unaffected by web browsing text messaging or emailing. And so many ways to so many people. The new iPad still pretty cool but still worth it for summit all right -- -- thanks.

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{"id":15968897,"title":"New iPad: Does Apple Tablet Get Too Hot?","duration":"2:25","description":"Consumer Reports says in some lab tests the tablet can heat up to 116 degrees.","url":"/GMA/video/ipad-apple-tablet-hot-15968897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}