iPhone 5 Launch: 1st Look of Apple's New Smartphone

Wired magazine's Jason Tanz discusses the pros and cons of highly anticipated gadget.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Transcript for iPhone 5 Launch: 1st Look of Apple's New Smartphone
For more, we're joined by jason tanz, new york editor of "wired" magazine. Good morning. How are you? Good. It is small and thin. The screen is bigger. But this controversy over the map app is growing. I heard somebody say today that the golden gate bridge on this app, the apple app, is four miles off from where it really is. Yeah. In san francisco. And I'm from tacoma, washington. The bridge is famous for plummeting into the water. And now, apparently on the map, it's doing it again. Every previous iphone has the google map loaded into it. Apple and google aren't getting along well these days. They used to be buddies. But ever since the launch of android, which is their greative competitor on the smartphone space, they've been fighting. So, this is essentially a corporate battle between apple and google. And customers are suffering for it. Is there a chance that it will be rectified. Can you get the google map app any other way on this? And also, the youtube app that used to be loaded on the other iphones is not on this one. For right now, you can't get a google maps app. What you can do is use the browser to go to google maps and you can bookmark it so it's easy to get to. My understanding is there is an ios 6 google maps app in the Are we going to see more as the companies compete more and more for the same share of the pipe, so to speak? The internet used to be about openness, about five years ago. What the iphone did was introduce a new way of thinking about how you win in the digital space. Instead of just making a platform that anyone can join, you create the whole product. You create the phone. You create the software. You create the services. And that's proprietary. You buy one, you buy all of them. Apple has been successful, that that's how people think about additional products. It will continue. Jason tanz, thank you so much. Despite it all, more people lining up to buy this phone than all the others. It will be a huge success, I'm sure. After playing with it, I know why. It is fast. And really light. Race for the white house,

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{"id":17288095,"title":"iPhone 5 Launch: 1st Look of Apple's New Smartphone","duration":"3:00","description":"Wired magazine's Jason Tanz discusses the pros and cons of highly anticipated gadget.","url":"/GMA/video/iphone-apple-launch1st-apples-smartphone-17288095","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}