Iran Says Attack From Israel Would 'Harm America'

Martha Raddatz discusses the warning from Iran's supreme leader.
1:37 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iran Says Attack From Israel Would 'Harm America'
Escalating tension over a possible military attack on Iran just one day after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned that Israel may attack Iran's nuclear sites this spring. Israeli -- the time is running out to stop Iran from getting a bomb and just this morning. Iran's supreme leader struck back. Saying that any attack on Iran will quote harm America Martha Raddatz. Is here with more -- -- been covering this close to the pressure is ratcheting up and no issue worries American officials more. There is nothing that worries American officials more you've you've heard thoughts from Leon Panetta he denies this publicly he won't really talk about it. But the administration is spending that he. Huge amount of time on this issue. As the Iranians bury their nuclear materials deeper in the mountains the Israelis get more word and this is the once this morning I've heard today from Ehud Barack he said time is running out. Later is too -- the Americans don't want them to go after Iran they're afraid of what happens what happened. This next one happens to the price of oil is -- retaliation against Israel. This week we even heard -- intelligence officials worried there could be attacks on the United States that is what he's really boring the Americans at an attack on the homeland I have never heard the intelligence chiefs say anything like that that Iran had actually moved into American that there might be sleepers here. Willing to attack if Israel attacks Iran that's why they're still a time. US officials think that the sanctions against Iran can work but in the end they know. They really can't -- Israel if Israel wants to attack that they keep trying to stop Israel but Israel says one attack we don't -- -- for -- for a much.

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{"id":15504652,"title":"Iran Says Attack From Israel Would 'Harm America'","duration":"1:37","description":"Martha Raddatz discusses the warning from Iran's supreme leader.","url":"/GMA/video/iran-attack-israel-harm-america-15504652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}