Iran Elects Hassan Rowhani to Presidency

The people of Iran elect a more moderate candidate to help lead middle eastern country.
2:10 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Iran Elects Hassan Rowhani to Presidency
-- switch gears just a little bit that's big news involved in one of the most controversial people on earth his name. Everybody knows it Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the president of Iran he helped push Iran's nuclear program has been accused of being -- Pollack -- an hour he's even questioned whether 9/11 was an inside job. But this weekend Iran is overwhelmingly elected a much more moderate successor Hassan Rohini. And earlier I spoke -- ABC's John Carlos filling in for George Stephanopoulos. On this week. John brass -- is this gonna make any difference for Americans can we worry any less about the possibility of that conflict with Iran now. How well maybe a little less than the look it's -- clearly good news for the United States to see those long lines to see people turning out in Iran. Voting not just for the moderate candidate or at least the relatively moderate candidate -- voting for -- overwhelmingly. Somebody who talked about a more. Conciliatory approach with the west and more freedom at home but remember those clerics control everything in Iran including the nuclear program the Ayatollah how many. Is still the man in charge and make no mistake he is avowedly anti American and pro nuclear Iran. And this new president elect is also pro nuclear Iran and John switching back to domestic news -- -- on the show this morning you've got Jeb Bush the former governor of Florida you asked him about his mom were recently saying and Americans. Are not ready for another bush president. Here was his response. What about your dad doesn't offer union minds -- that this keeping control room I think we've got to split ballot among amongst. The bush senior family. And -- sure that's the case. So use that win the man who do you get a sense that he's gonna run -- -- expand. Well completely honestly I am not sure about this -- I have to say after that interview and after that response I came -- a little more convinced. That he is at the very least seriously considering a run it would not surprise me -- -- it Jeb Bush runs for president potential contender Jon Karl thank you. Thank you. And -- -- much more with Florida governor Jeb Bush and senator marker rubio coming up later this morning on this week.

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{"id":19413647,"title":"Iran Elects Hassan Rowhani to Presidency","duration":"2:10","description":"The people of Iran elect a more moderate candidate to help lead middle eastern country.","url":"/GMA/video/iran-elects-hassan-rowhani-presidency-19413647","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}