Iranian Nuclear Scientist Allegedly Assassinated

Death similar to recent ones linked to employees of enrichment facilities.
1:18 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Iranian Nuclear Scientist Allegedly Assassinated
Making news out of -- word this morning and Iran in nuclear scientist has been killed in a bombing in Tehran. The victim but of and an apparent assassination which could further now heightened the already high tensions in the region ABC's Martha Raddatz. Has been following the overnight developments from Washington here at good morning to you -- Good morning Josh this fits the pattern of what many are calling the shadow war against Iran. The nuclear scientists worked -- Ron -- times uranium enrichment facility. He was driving through the streets of -- Ron. When a motorcycle stuck a sticky bomb. To the side of the car and then the motorcyclists fled the scientist's car blew up a few moments later. He is one of more than half a dozen Iran -- associated with the nuclear program. Who have been targeted for assassination in the past few years. The -- -- blame Israel and the US for the attacks which they have denied but Israel's minister of defense recently said. There -- countries who impose economic sanctions and their countries who act in other ways and Josh this raises the already red hot tensions with Iran. Which has threatened to shut down that vital oil -- transit. The Strait of Hormuz and we've already seen yet economic ramifications oil prices already hired because of these new concerns in the region Martha Raddatz thank you to you.

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{"id":15337456,"title":"Iranian Nuclear Scientist Allegedly Assassinated","duration":"1:18","description":"Death similar to recent ones linked to employees of enrichment facilities.","url":"/GMA/video/iranian-nuclear-scientist-allegedly-assassinated-car-bomb-attack-15337456","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}