'Iron Man 3' Kicks Off Hollywood Blockbuster Season

Global audience drives major studios to roll out summer hits earlier than ever.
3:37 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Iron Man 3' Kicks Off Hollywood Blockbuster Season
It is already taking up its summer blockbuster season this is opening weekend for Iron Man three in the US senate's already -- -- around. And if that's what audience driving a major studios to roll up their summer hits earlier than ever. ABC's Rachel Smith is here with the story not here at us even LA live great to see you Rachel. That's right -- CIC's good morning to you both Iron Man three is expected to score 615 million dollars in ticket sales worldwide through this weekend. It could be the second biggest opening of all time behind last -- the avengers. But -- faces dozens of other blockbusters this summer in a box office battle that Hollywood predicts will be bloody. I'm really thinking. Hollywood hasn't seen this much action at this summer box office eight years. It's getting up like twenty -- -- of science. Check out this month alone Star Trek crew -- -- a few weeks in the race on between the fast and furious heat series. -- never -- bombs both opening Memorial Day weekend. A lot of people in Hollywood things can be pretty bloody weekend it'll be a big story in the summer. Predicts the editor in chief of the -- dot com a lot of people are wondering why -- curious six is going up against hangover three those -- movies are. Appealing to the exact same audience. -- -- behind hang over fast and furious both wanted Memorial Day at the very prestigious we can have at this point I think neither wants to back off. It's similar -- egos million dollars nearly two dozen summer -- it's been more than 100 million dollars each. According to the Wall Street Journal which figures the price -- picks this weekend from 250 to 500 million dollars worldwide to turn a profit. The pressure is gene Norman from highly anticipated expensive movies like the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp fragments -- Boise. The united DiCaprio -- The Great Gatsby he made of steel the canary capital can spend upwards of -- hundred million dollars in these movies just on the special effects. Well that's thinking -- monsters university -- back including the voice of Billy Crystal. I can't go to clintons and their union includes not a sequel but a prequel. Years before monsters we -- need. Another greedy ethic is called just that at fantasy adventure that teenage girl. Yeah featuring the voices of hot Hollywood -- like me this site read. -- -- Well your kids -- think this -- -- Movie studios are sweating more people worried and Hollywood never before because they're simply too many movies and not enough moviegoers. Domestic ticket sales are reportedly down 12% from last year. -- at bats with too few theaters and it adds up to a risky showdown for nervous CDS there's a limited number. A movie screens in the country it's. Great summer for moviegoers can have more choices than ever. Now it pretty. So why are we seeing this event like showdown a well there -- a couple of reasons some release dates were pushed back to the summer months. But the biggest factor for an audience's. They told us 69% of last year's ticket sales were made overseas CNN that studios will continue to pour resources and the films for that global appeal. Gear up for -- at that time at -- maybe it's. Bankers I'm excited lions international got out -- also a lot of not a studio executive -- again Rachel.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Global audience drives major studios to roll out summer hits earlier than ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19111992","title":"'Iron Man 3' Kicks Off Hollywood Blockbuster Season","url":"/GMA/video/iron-man-kicks-off-hollywood-blockbuster-season-19111992"}