Isaac Aftermath: Officials Try to Prevent Canal Lock Collapse

Gulf storm forces thousands of people to evacuate their homes.
3:00 | 09/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Isaac Aftermath: Officials Try to Prevent Canal Lock Collapse
Thousands of more people are being forced from their homes days after isaac slammed into louisiana. Officials are trying to relief pressure of a dam lock. Abc's ryan owens joins us now live from new orleans with the latest. Good morning, ryan. Reporter: Ron, good morning to you. All night the army corps of engineers were in parish, watching all night that particularly lock, after authorities slightly opened up the gates to relieve some pressure, so far that's working. But what another tense night. Police cars raced through the streets, helicopters hover above and the radio blares the latest call to get out. Five days after isaac roared ashored and people are still being forced from their home. This time, as many 200,000 residents. This time it's a lock under so pressure it could break. Sending water cascading through several neighborhoods. We want to make sure that we have it in stable condition. All across the gulf coast, most are cleaning up and lining up for water and ice. Thank you all. We're going to head home. Reporter: Hundreds of thousands have been without power in this oppressive heat for five days. This is my first hurricane and I don't want another one. Reporter: In parts of this hard-hit parish, the only way to get home is by boat this is new video of the moment of the levee's vulnerable west bank was topped. Drowning so many homes. Jesse shaffer rescued a lot of neighbors as it rose. Now he's taking them back. I could see it in their eyes. Reporter: Without question, the biggest frustration for many people here on the gulf coast is the lack of power. Those who lost it on tuesday, about half of those still don't have it back in metro new orleans and ron, the heat enindex today is expected to top 105. More misery for those folks down in louisiana. From new orleans and nato is

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{"id":17137273,"title":"Isaac Aftermath: Officials Try to Prevent Canal Lock Collapse","duration":"3:00","description":"Gulf storm forces thousands of people to evacuate their homes.","url":"/GMA/video/isaac-aftermath-officials-prevent-canal-lock-collapse-17137273","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}