Isaiah Thomas talks challenges, NBA playoffs

The Boston Celtics guard opens up to "GMA" about the death of his sister and overcoming the odds in his career and the NBA playoffs.
4:19 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Isaiah Thomas talks challenges, NBA playoffs
Back now with the NBA star leading the Celtics in the playoffs. Isaiah Thomas and his team hope to tie the series with Cleveland. T.J. Had a chance to sit down with him and T.J. Talked to him about the challenges he's faced both in off the court, T.J. Yep, robin. I promised him I would not start off by focusing on his height. I wouldn't focus on the fact that's just 5'9", the smallest guy in the NBA. Not going to do that because that would be selling him short. Looking for a reason to cheer for this underdog there are plenty. That's why he's dubbed America's new favorite NBA star. This is one of the most indelible and painful images from this year's NBA playoffs. Taking a blow and his front tooth goes flying. Picks it up. Reporter: Another painful image Thomas in tears prior to a game after learning his 22-year-old sister was killed in a car accident. Was there ever a momented you considered sitting out a game? Yeah, when it happened, I considered just going on and just calling it a season but then I thought about it. That's the easy way out and I've never been the guy to take the easy way. Reporter: His no quit attitude amidst trials and personal tragedy is turing him into a household name winning him legions of fans for his talent, heart and heart at 5'9". He is the shortest superstar in the NBA. How different would your career be if you were 6'4". I would be the best player ever and everybody would think that. No question about it. Ever been a team in your career from the moment you picked up a basketball that you were not the shortest guyen 0 the team? No. Every team I been on. But does the short thing get old at some point? People want to talk about, yes, he's not just a great player but he's great and this height and people think it's a cute story. "Good morning America" has me, he's so cute and cuddle were. It's always he's good and he's 5'9". It's like I'm trying to look past it but I guess it's never going to go away and will always be, well, he's 5'9" and I mean I'm never going to be okay. The last chosen in the draft many weren't willing to take such a little guy in the league where the average height is 6'7 the'. What did they pass on, a guy with a team on the verge of the finals third leading scorers in the NBA averaging 29 points even more than Lebron who is a foot taller. You still have a lot of people that doubt Yu. There's still people that is in that circle of not believing in he, but at the end of the day just it motivates me and keeps me going. Eisaiy going to get you. Dimension he's 5'9". Defamation suit. A copy of your piece. He embraces it and says it's a advantage. When he's on the court 6 he's 6'35". Oh my goodness. He dominates at 5'9". He has to say, don't let the frame fool you. I got this. I hear that kobe has helped him out. Kobe reached out after his sister passed and now he's going through film with kobe over the phone, has really embraced him. You have to pinch yourself. Grew up loving him and get them from Tom Brady and kobe and a whole new world for him and have two sons you'll see at some of the games. Are they going to be short? Yeah. If this guy was 6'7", I wouldn't doing this story. It's kind of passion you bring -- Thank you, there. Can't wait to see the game. Tonight? Yes, playoffs are on. That's tonight and another big match-up you can see, the warriors take on the spurs tomorrow 9:00 P.M. On ESPN. Digital detux, a child sent

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{"id":47507900,"title":"Isaiah Thomas talks challenges, NBA playoffs","duration":"4:19","description":"The Boston Celtics guard opens up to \"GMA\" about the death of his sister and overcoming the odds in his career and the NBA playoffs.","url":"/GMA/video/isaiah-thomas-talks-challenges-nba-playoffs-47507900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}