Israel Confirms 'Game Changing' Airstrike on Syria

Air force took out shipment of weapons bound for the Hezbollah militant group.
1:26 | 05/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israel Confirms 'Game Changing' Airstrike on Syria
We return to the escalating tensions in the middle east. Overnight officials in israel admitting its air force took out a shipment of weapons in syria. Meantime, president obama is in central americ addressing the united states' involvement in syr syria's civil war and jim avila is traveling with the president. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Abc news confirmed israeli warplanes that hit a target inside syria, a target the israelis deemed a serious threat. Explosions believed to be the bombing aired on rebel television. Several smoke plumes from what appears to be streaking rockets fired from israeli warplanes. Hitting syrian anti-aircraft weapons according to abc news military sources. There's no official comment from syrian officials or the israelis. And no reporting of the strike on syrian state media. president is traveling no comment from the white house referring all questions to the israelis. As tensions rise in the middle east, president obama did tell reporters he's keeping all options open. But he is being careful because of prior mistakes, he says, made by moving too quickly in the middle east and he is reluctant to send in american troops. I do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground in syria, american boots on the ground in syria would not only be good for america, but also would be good for syria. Reporter: The president saying here in costa rica, he is ready to apply every pressure point to syria.

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{"id":19108108,"title":"Israel Confirms 'Game Changing' Airstrike on Syria ","duration":"1:26","description":"Air force took out shipment of weapons bound for the Hezbollah militant group.","url":"/GMA/video/israel-confirms-game-changing-airstrike-syria-19108108","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}