Israel-Hamas Agree to Short, Humanitarian Ceasefire

The two sides agree on a short-term truce amid efforts to reach longer-term agreement.
2:22 | 07/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israel-Hamas Agree to Short, Humanitarian Ceasefire
Not the kind of publicity they need. Overseas where a 12-hour cease-fire is in effect between Israel and hamas. Israel agreed to the short humanitarian cease-fire after rejecting a longer one proposed buy John Kerry. The death toll now tops 800, most civilians and David Wright has the latest from gaza. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. This is the new Normal in gaza. People finally feeling safe enough to venture out and start to clean up the damage, the damage as you can see here is extensive. It's a 12-hour lull in the fighting. And so far it seems to be holding. This momentary pause comes after some of the fiercest fighting and shelling yet. This residential neighborhood has taken some of the heaviest hits. This is the first time it's been safe for us to come. Overnight, two Israeli soldiers were killed in ground fighting. Many Palestinians too including 18 members of a single family. The full cease-fire can't come soon enough. Inside one hospital, we found a miracle. One of the youngest casualties of this war. Why? Born Friday morning by emergency c-section after the 23-year-old mother was killed in an Israeli air strike. Baby girl? Does she have a name? The daughter of, still without name. Reporter: The baby's father has gone into hiding. We're told he's associated with islamic jihad which may explain why his house was bombed but does not excuse the collateral damage. In the hospital the doctors are optimistic. I think that she will survive because she is Palestinian. Reporter: That little baby has no idea what she has already lost in her first few moments of life. It's heartbreaking stuff and as you look around this neighborhood you can imagine so many other families grieving too, praying for a lasting cease-fire. Bianna, Dan. Mounting casualties on both sides. A lot of pain and hope for this cease-fire, at least, for the short term.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The two sides agree on a short-term truce amid efforts to reach longer-term agreement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24725631","title":"Israel-Hamas Agree to Short, Humanitarian Ceasefire","url":"/GMA/video/israel-hamas-agree-short-humanitarian-ceasefire-24725631"}