ISS Spacewalk Cut Short After Astronaut's Helmet Malfunctioned

American Astronaut Timothy Kopra noticed a leak in his spacesuit during a repair mission on the International Space Station.
2:17 | 01/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ISS Spacewalk Cut Short After Astronaut's Helmet Malfunctioned
We have extraordinary image and a really harrowing story coming out of outer space. Yeah, it is the space walk had to be cut short when the helmet of a nasa astronaut fixing the international space station began to fill with water and Sara is here with the story. This reminds me of the moved "Gravity." "The Martian" but this was real life so no second chances, no second takes, and it could have ended badly. In Hollywood blockbusters like "Gravity" show us how space walks can turn disastrous but that may have nothing on the real-life havoc. A tablespoonwater caused astronauts Friday on the international space station? We know it's a small amount of water. We already got the location and the quantity. Reporter: American astronaut timothy kopra and his british partner Tim peake on an extra vehicular repair mission when he noticed a cooling loop in his space suit was leaking. Any way to get a temperature of the water. Try to drink it and note the taste. Water is cold. That small amount of water prompting mission control to end the pair's five-hour space walk early. Start opening your cuff check list to page 7. We are in a terminate case. Fearing a repeat of this 2013 mission which almost saw Italian ISS engineer Luca parmitano drown when half a gallon of water flooded his helmet during a space walk. My suit is really wet. Luca went out twice and the first time he went out he had water in his helmet then and I don't think we quite handled it the right way. Reporter: According to nasa kopra was never in that degree of danger saying the flight director brought the duo back in as a precaution. This morning the veteran astronaut safe on board the station and surely waiting to collect on this promise from Houston. That was perfect. We'll buy you a drink, a soda when you get home. I think I've been jaded by the movies because when these things happen I'm like, oh, it's fine but you see this man could have drowned. I think he deserves more than soda. I think we need to make that a stiffer drink. My two cents. Absolutely. We're encouraging gambling and drinking this morning. It's a family broadcast. Only halfway in. Houston, we have a problem. That's exactly right.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"American Astronaut Timothy Kopra noticed a leak in his spacesuit during a repair mission on the International Space Station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36330911","title":"ISS Spacewalk Cut Short After Astronaut's Helmet Malfunctioned","url":"/GMA/video/iss-spacewalk-cut-short-astronauts-helmet-malfunctioned-36330911"}