Italian Classics With Chef Fabio Viviani

The host of Yahoo Screen's "Chow Ciao" makes some delicious dishes.
3:47 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Italian Classics With Chef Fabio Viviani
We're so excited that -- of Fabio -- -- joining us this morning you just have to say with the accent he started working in restaurants. At the age of 1111. Years old well I had to levels scandal forced to means little but you know I -- -- and -- thought you've found your calling that was back I didn't he now you are Californian and you were to flush -- fan favorite you have -- for the likes of Wayne and Shatner whose delicate Piaf but we're all -- -- -- -- Alan and -- him every day is still shot there but you know it's a good friends movement -- -- a -- -- to name Marla good food leads to good friendship and that -- -- out today as you know of California. America income -- especially. I always say ahead the big backyard the biggest bank yet ever come -- my backyard -- you know and seeing all the scene dared to produce the fresh vegetable -- -- that she's. You got everything you need the right and they sure do when you you certainly use a lot in this he has big news what one of their favorite American soup which would -- -- it -- -- But I honestly I never had -- in Italy -- Had I never had visited anybody so simple and fresh that -- every anybody can do it. You know we got carrots celery -- and we got -- -- When I got some -- nationally and now wants to speed up our wildest finishes cooking -- reducing. When some -- chicken -- please always make your -- and so we gonna cook all the vegetable together. And then. I'm -- you'll you little. Perry county. And then they -- like I do by the hail as chef the legal message but that's okay who they clean out there and your Q and that they've got empire. Like and that undoubtedly got him but -- is -- that I've been able so so that's all reducing yes that's an -- reducing we've got the stalls. Now. You got a future possible of course there is not Italian. It is good is good -- now. It is important is what and the Italian dish without -- -- social you know it's what they -- classic Italian pasta -- you know -- and why -- bit or -- cocaine in the brought out. We're shipping them -- we have you know eggs break ground parmesan sort of -- -- -- -- legal tiny -- -- Also don't forget one thing that comes from California maybe not everybody no -- January he's the California. Mom -- the -- business. So if you want enjoyed neutral form appeasing a California and all of these movies is the time -- this time of the month -- -- you know if you plan. If your credit -- could do these California just make sure they can generate I mean certainly month of the -- is a good -- for. -- -- -- -- Oh you are now may not have been more troops I'm nominating are making me -- -- -- of the he got -- yes I would apologize please. -- -- their religious and yeah. How long Jessica by the well -- -- -- stronger as the need -- -- fully cooked. Is it comfortable because the bus to get a -- vented it and use every means I am. Why don't we have. Good -- this week. Thank I very much I don't know how. So I can I I have to serve and I are even -- he didn't do business is all about -- we -- -- immediately is placed on chief. -- -- -- Let's chicken recipe is delicious trust me you can get all the obvious tragedy on our website Good Morning America dot com. Downhill we thank you for coming we thank you for enduring that he put him. Please Christiane hello oh yeah yeah well yeah.

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{"id":15456043,"title":"Italian Classics With Chef Fabio Viviani","duration":"3:47","description":"The host of Yahoo Screen's \"Chow Ciao\" makes some delicious dishes. ","url":"/GMA/video/italian-classics-chef-fabio-viviani-15456043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}