Cruise Captain's Wife Says He's 'Not a Monster'

The wife of the embattled captain speaks out for the first time.
2:09 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Cruise Captain's Wife Says He's 'Not a Monster'
Right now the latest on the cruise ship disaster in Italy for the first time we're hearing from the wife of that embattled captain. He's been called the -- work for leaving the ship while so many passengers were still on board but she is standing by him with everything she's got. And NBC's llama Hasan has the story now for us from London good morning rob. That's right Robin good morning to you are captain Francesca -- -- wife is staunchly defending her husband. An interview with an Italian magazine she says he is not a monster but -- -- -- he knows how to do his job and -- and has always been the go to guy for the crew but. Is what did not -- the -- Moldovan woman in the captain was reportedly dining with -- not fateful night. For the first time since the sinking of the costs that can forty the captain's wife is speaking out and fiercely defending her husband. In the cover story of its Italian magazine out today. Francesca -- -- wife Fabio the Russo says her husband is not the monster the international media has portrayed. This is a witch hunt everyone is out to get my husband she says in the interview from her home where that the -- -- her husband's a maestro. Says there was a reason he was entrusted with the Helm of the -- in Korea. He is decisive stable and lucid she says he analyzes situations -- -- -- them and knows how to manage them. Addressing claims that he recklessly steer the can courted to -- -- she says. He knows how to do his job but sometimes even -- who know how to do their job can make mistakes if he did make in this day. New transcripts -- be in the Italian press reveal a secretly recorded phone schools -- Tina made from an investigators office off after his arrest. He says while his skill helped prevent an even worse tragedy. He believes he is a scapegoats. I tried to avoid -- consequences he said but in the end I didn't manage to do it. I don't want to ever go back on a ship and want to change my life because I don't see it ending very well. On Tuesday a woman's body was pulled from the -- raising the death poll to sixteen. Speaking at his wife says she and her husband pray for them -- An old and the captain's wife also said that -- these media reports had been hard on their seventeen year old daughter who sees. All of the negative press about her father but she said that they would quit face this public hanging. Together province -- thank you for that.

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{"id":15437272,"title":"Cruise Captain's Wife Says He's 'Not a Monster'","duration":"2:09","description":"The wife of the embattled captain speaks out for the first time.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-disaster-captains-wife-defends-husband-monster-15437272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}