Cruise Disaster: Mystery Woman Defends Captain

The captain's companion calls him a hero.
2:48 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Cruise Disaster: Mystery Woman Defends Captain
Now the latest on the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy concerns right now that the ship may be on the verge of sinking. And new questions about exactly what the captain was doing just before that accident. ABC's Chris Cuomo the -- -- -- -- again there on the island for us good morning Chris. Good morning Robin it's a beautiful day here and Julio Italy of that. The search operation has stopped why well part of it is about movement with in this ship it's very difficult for rescuers they say that ship was never meant to support its weight on its side. The other is about coming whether we've all learned a new word here it's -- S probably which is about winds out of the northwest that they believe could sweep this -- Right into the city. This morning concerns the coast to -- Korea could slip off its perch on alleged sinking to depths of more than 200 feet. Threatening to rupture fuel tanks experts are using an underwater robot to study -- sea -- working to anchor the ship. Sensors have been placed on board to detect movement. This comes as captain Francesco -- -- the man held responsible for the beach ship. Finds a new defender she is don't -- capture more than a 25 year old Moldovan and former ship employee. Crew members recognize her as the captain's companion. You know the girl have you seen them together before I saw that. -- hospice. The pair was seen leaving dinner in a hurry shortly before the crash and in an interview with -- journal TV chip Morton says pitino who's been accused of fleeing the ship. While passengers were still trying to escape. Was still on board nearly three hours after the shipwreck. I was one of the last people who got off the ship together with another crew member and his crew member wrote to me she personally saw the captain at that time helping passengers to get into the votes she says she says she also -- -- steering toward -- helping to avert greater catastrophe he did a great thing he saved over 3000 lives she says but new audio is raising more troubling questions about the captain's response that night and why it took 68 minutes to start evacuations. -- -- call recorded thirty minutes after the shipwreck -- officer -- support officials there -- only having an electrical problem. -- we have a -- -- on board were checking the situation the officer six. Only generators police got a call from a relative of -- crew member he said during dinner everything fell on his head. The port official response. No negative we have a blackout. Then there's this astonishing new video -- -- telling passengers on behalf of the captain it. Go back to your cabins everything has been fixed -- We're getting a lot more information about what happened on the cruise that night but the information -- the families of the missing -- the most where their loved ones are. You're going to have to wait -- at least for another day that's all that matters to them right now.

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{"id":15402004,"title":"Cruise Disaster: Mystery Woman Defends Captain","duration":"2:48","description":"The captain's companion calls him a hero.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-disaster-mystery-woman-defends-captain-15402004","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}