Italian Cruise Ship: CEO Cites Human Error

Lama Hasan reports on search for survivors of the sinking cruise ship.
3:46 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Italian Cruise Ship: CEO Cites Human Error
-- get right to the very latest on this cruise ship disaster developing off the Tuscan coast in Italy that desperate search for survivors. Has now been suspended due to bad weather. It's asserts that includes one for an American couples still missing at this hour the cruise line placing the blame squarely on that -- the captain of the ship right now. And we -- hear what they're saying about him this morning -- to speak to some honeymooners from Boston who barely escaped why they're calling the captain Howard. ABC's -- Hostin has been on the scene there -- Italy since the ship nearly overturned and returned to her again for the very latest good morning Lama. Good morning Robin we'll just moments ago in a press conference the company does that -- the cruise liner. Said the captain had made an -- or price on -- deviation from the ship's course. That led to human -- wood -- of the grounding. As the vessel -- -- media is reporting that the reason why the captain was so close to the -- was allegedly to -- to a friend that hasn't been confirmed yet. Meanwhile we're learning more details about what happened that terrifying night. Overnight stunning new images from on board the sinking constant in Cordelia. In these home videos you can hear the terrified screams of passengers trying to escape. -- as they fight for limited spot on the lifeboats my. Sixteen people are still missing two -- done a retired couple from Minnesota. Stardom Barbara Hale were excited about -- sixteen. US say they've heard nothing. Below the water these photos -- three teams of sixteen divers. Facing frigid water navigating through large debris searching for survivors. And miss South Korean couple on their honeymoon. Rescued after being trapped in their cabins for thirty hours but overnight a gruesome discovery one more body was found -- man wearing a life -- in the submerged part of the ship raising the death -- to six. The nightmare began Friday night at 945. The 490. Fit liner was reported before miles -- -- navigating through shallow waters just a hundred feet deep. Drifting 500 feet away from the shoreline and the islands and G. It suddenly hit a raw Herring open a massive 160. Foot gash across its left side within minutes water began gushing in in the vessel started tilting at 950 -- announcement. Now serious questions over how the ship's captain and crew responded. According to the -- black box the Coast Guard wasn't alerted until 10:43 PM. And orders to abandon ship not given until 1050. More than an hour and fifteen minutes -- -- the collision. We think kids -- now. And I know you yeah. We had to wait over an hour and a half before we can get onto that vote. And the -- was obviously seeking. The ship's captain Francesco skit Tina is being held by -- authorities. Facing charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. Passengers claimed he was among the first to escape. The -- passengers evacuated three hours later before his arrest he told an Italian TV station that was that we were the lost -- to leave the ship. For those words served little comfort to those who clung to each other to survive. I kept on -- him -- I just want to be with the -- you know just makes it and leave me. We'll rescuers are facing more challenges today bad weather strong winds are -- rough seas around the vessel. The fear is that could move it further or even make it saying. Or even dump fuel into the waters.

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{"id":15369898,"title":"Italian Cruise Ship: CEO Cites Human Error","duration":"3:46","description":"Lama Hasan reports on search for survivors of the sinking cruise ship.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-ship-cruise-line-blames-captain-15369898","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}