Cruise Ship Disaster: Divers Suspend Search

Chris Cuomo reports on the latest in the search for survivors.
3:39 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Disaster: Divers Suspend Search
-- cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy new questions about why it took so long to evacuate the ship. And what the captain saying now about why he got aboard a lifeboat so soon. ABC's Chris Cuomo the co anchor plates when he is -- -- force again this morning good morning for -- Good morning rob -- -- -- it took more than an hour after this ship collided with the rocks to issue the evacuation order. Why fingers are now being pointed at the cruise operator the company. Originally they said they -- know about what was happening that night we now believe the cruise company had very good reason to know exactly where the captain was headed. And eerie image of overnight the coast to come courting his sister ship passing by Julio island. Crews much like the ill fated trip that left this 450. Million dollars ship. Lying like a beached whale. A satellite photo now capturing the wreckage from space. Underneath the water this new video shows divers working in extreme conditions. Wading through shoulder deep water surrounded by dangling chandeliers. Floating furniture. At one point it became so dangerous operations were suspended leadership began tilting on the rocks but this morning. They're facing a harsh reality. I was in this diver confirms that mission is now to recover. Not rescue back in the US an entire community gathered at a prayer service for Barbara and Gerald -- the only Americans still missing. Their son told ABC news he's thankful for the workers -- -- risking their lives to find the missing passengers. We still have hope. Apple or for anything that will -- whatever God's plan. Where where -- meanwhile the search for answers continues with a growing focus on the cruise operators -- Captain Francesco -- -- told investigators he made a mistake steering too close to the island. But contradicting the cruise operators claim he says the -- was planned in advance. And here's more evidence bishop has cruised the same -- before. Locals say they've witnessed it. And now Lloyd's list a London newspaper says ship tracking data shows it came within 750. Feet of the post last year. Back in all this life. The vessel probably kind. Within spitting distance of the -- that it actually hit as for captains -- he says he was on the bridge when the accident happened. But crew members told us he was actually having dinner. -- -- captain eating at about 930 at night. That at that time one -- -- -- shore before he left was to maneuver the ship back toward the island instead of continuing out to -- Likely saving lives. But it wasn't enough to save sand or -- First victim to be identified. And the family the father of the violinist is actually on the island here he wanted to see where his son lost his life they're also family members. From those who are still. Missing now the good news is search and rescue begins again today they're going to blow holes in the hall that's how they get into the ship. They're going to focus on the area where the most people went. To evacuate Robin there is still a lot to learn about what secrets are inside that ship and what secrets around what happened that night. And I -- Chris families are still holding on to hope that possibly maybe air pockets here there. -- hang on the hope Chris thank you very much and I know you're gonna have much more on a special 20/20 cruise ship confidential tomorrow. At 10:9 central right here on ABC draft thanks.

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{"id":15392221,"title":"Cruise Ship Disaster: Divers Suspend Search","duration":"3:39","description":"Chris Cuomo reports on the latest in the search for survivors.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-ship-disaster-divers-suspend-search-15392221","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}