Italian Cruise Ship Search Suspended

Ship appears to have shifted, putting rescuers at risk.
2:18 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Italian Cruise Ship Search Suspended
With good ABC -- on right now for the latest on the search for survivors in -- Nothing happening. Good morning George while the search and rescue operation this morning have been suspended officials believe. The ship is shifting and could move into water that -- 300 feet deep. -- 500000. Gallons of fuel onboard if it breaks apart it could cause a massive environmental disaster. This morning officials are concerned the strong cards may have -- the ship to move putting rescue teams in danger. Before the search was suspended. They were scouring these waters for four full days one Coast Guard official tells ABC news they are now focusing all in this part of the ship. Where there was an emergency checkpoint near the restaurant. They detonated five explosives on Monday to access the area. And discovered -- employees inside. Ladies at the people who came before people into the -- plays the same idea where we found that. Type people that they he's of their plays -- multiple CB do you find other people. They believe those five passengers still wearing his life vests may have been waiting to board lifeboats. So they just missed getting on the life that. We've seen so we headed toward the sunken liner to see the damage up close for ourselves and keep. -- -- of French -- who runs this hotel along the coast saw the accident from his balcony. -- that it's -- it ended up the coast he told us and then everything went dark. He knew then he was watching a tragedy unfold and let these women who -- at a nearby restaurants say they'll never forget the chaos dot CO -- this screams she said the crying some people even jumped into the -- house. Back in the US friends and found many of Barbara and Gerald -- -- and many Americans still missing wait praying for news of their loved one. Everybody is just offering -- purchased for the free will and for hope. Not only for Barbara Jerry but for everybody. We'll for the family and friends of the halls that hope is in the hands of the rescue workers. No word yet on when they'll go back into the what's her.

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{"id":15384758,"title":"Italian Cruise Ship Search Suspended","duration":"2:18","description":"Ship appears to have shifted, putting rescuers at risk. ","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-ship-survivor-search-suspended-15384758","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}