Italian Cruise Tragedy: New Images Emerge

Security footage shows passengers evacuating the sinking ship.
3:49 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Italian Cruise Tragedy: New Images Emerge
All highs. On this particular scene right now in the race against time to see if any of those 29 people still missing could. Still be alive. Trapped alive on carnival cruise line underneath the sea divers are setting up those explosives both of above and below the water line that's right and the missing still include this American couple gonna show you right now. Jerry and Barbara Heil -- a retired couple out of Minnesota raised and educated for children. This was supposed to be their dream vacation. Of course are apparently still holding out hope until we found children talk about how they sacrificed for their children putting them in school -- that this was their time to travel around the world. And there are -- pictures of merging of the chaos that happens people raced to evacuate the sinking ship. We are learning so much more about the captain this morning he is in court right now and our Brian Ross is here he's gonna have those details. But let's get right to ABC from Hassan who has reached the Italian island where all this has happened in the ship is right. Behind you as we can see good morning -- Good morning Robin yes this morning underwater divers have located the second black -- -- working why not to bring it back up to the surface. And the search and rescue operation is the most difficult for them because as one described it. Toss as being like -- -- weren't found an hour so much so they've have to bring in specialists cave divers to house. Rescue teams are still searching for survivors above or below water. Blasting through the hole for better access to -- decks where more than two dozen passengers and crew may still be stuck. These new photos show divers inside the ship wading through up and -- tables and debris. One diver sponsoring an -- seem to -- told -- newspaper the experience was a lost moments of life on board were played before us facing danger themselves divers say they can hear the screech of steel everytime. The 1141000. Tonne vessel shifts around them 29 people are now reported missing including a five year old girl. That's thirteen more -- reported on Monday. Three families came forward saying they haven't heard from loved ones initially on the evacuees this. It's still someone -- We knew we all to save them to rescued them. Adding pressure fears of an ecological impact concerns of 500000. Gallons of fuel on the ship. Could seep into the ocean. Rescue boats are already protected redeploying boom around the vessel. And now a new indications that the captain of the ship might have -- four miles off course on purpose. The sister of the waiter on the ship reportedly posted on FaceBook in a short period of time the -- according it will cost very close. A big greeting to my brother who finally gets to have a holiday. This is terrible. Absolutely terrible. This infra red video shows people lined up like -- trying to escape Friday night by holding hands. Forming a human chain to get to the -- than. Funny angle of the ship you can see how difficult it wants for the crew to lower the life boats into the water and just how close it is. To the -- for those who did job -- was and you short distance to get to safety. News -- has against the Braves center to check. In new -- released videos passengers seated in the lifeboats are -- trying to figure out who was responsible for the accident. One women says. Take pictures take pictures it's very important to discover whose fault it is. Would just moments ago we had a very loud explosion it was and it is controlled explosion to open up -- whole thing Casey underwater divers need to escape.

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{"id":15376451,"title":"Italian Cruise Tragedy: New Images Emerge","duration":"3:49","description":"Security footage shows passengers evacuating the sinking ship.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-ship-tragedy-images-security-footage-emerge-15376451","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}