Italian Cruise Wreck: Captain Under House Arrest

Crew members reflect on taped phone calls with the captain.
3:21 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Italian Cruise Wreck: Captain Under House Arrest
The latest on the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy the -- now speaking out after the stunning tapes of phone calls -- revealed the captain refused to give back on board the ship. ABC's Chris Cuomo co anchor of 20/20 is reporting this morning from the good to see their Chris good morning. And. Good to see you rob here's the latest prosecutors are arguing against the judge's decision to place captain Francesco -- you know under house arrest. They say he admitted to making a reckless move. They say that he is at risk of fleeing and that he should be in jail. But so far the most damaging evidence against captains pitino may be his own words. Overnight captain Francesco -- -- returning to his home near Naples to serve house arrest his wife facing the media as he slipped in the back door. This morning more reaction to the damning phone call now taking the criticism of captains pitino to a new level. On a Coast Guard captain Gregorio -- Falco shouts at the captain ordering him back on the ship. He says you save yourself from the city but I'm going to make you pay for this go on board. But even then -- -- know resists sitting in a rescue boat as thousands were struggling to escape. When told there are casualties on board sounds surprise. -- -- How many are there he -- I don't know you're the one -- to tell me how many there are the Coast Guard captain replies it's pitino then offers reasons why he won't get back on the ship. You do realize it's dark here and we can't see anything he sets the Coast Guard captain yells back and so what you want to go -- -- you know it's dark if you want to go home. Get on the boat using the pilot ladder and tell me what can be done now puts -- Tito's wife believes that call doesn't tell the entire story that day. Saying in a statement the many people who know him well testified that he was absolutely dedicated to his job. And was a professional. There are reports this morning that three additional crew members may face charges from prosecutors. Including the captain second in command who -- pitino left the sinking ship. I'm with my second in command -- -- -- told the Coast Guard captain so both of you go up and you and your second go on board now is that clear he ordered back. Some crewmembers we spoke to have questions like gladly -- the -- who was serving him dinner. His guests a young woman when he got an urgent message when somebody guardian. -- -- -- -- -- -- Crew member Sandra -- alone says it was clear the situation wasn't under control this video shows a proven explaining the crash was an electrical issue. Critics certainly true. It's never been done on an announced Sandra and thousands of others made their way to precious life quotes on the side of the ship not underwater but then came another unpleasant surprise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't work he doesn't -- from having guests are so we must come up with a -- now Sandra stuck at a hotel in Rome. She and thousands of other survivors wait for hours for new travel documents and trips home. Desperate for this to be over. And yet it's still not over because these workers are waiting to see if they can get on another -- assuming they can still the stomach to see so many -- told us George that there are nights are filled with horrible images of the ship. It's slipping. Into the water.

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{"id":15384723,"title":"Italian Cruise Wreck: Captain Under House Arrest","duration":"3:21","description":"Crew members reflect on taped phone calls with the captain.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-cruise-wreck-captain-house-arrest-15384723","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}