Jack Hanna on Animals in Ohio: 'Hard to Believe'

The animal expert discusses the wild animals that were let loose in Zanesville.
3:18 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Jack Hanna on Animals in Ohio: 'Hard to Believe'
Let's get more on this now from a friend Jack Hanna director emeritus of the Columbus zoo and check what I have been thinking a lot -- -- these last 24 hours I know you say you can be haunted by this. For the rest your life a day out are you able to make any better sense of it. You know I see these pictures you see this it's it's something that's hard to believe. -- -- some people Georgia calling saying that that we the Kalamazoo ordered this but I got their like yourself and I saw what was happening said. This cannot be this W better way to do this but when -- sit back and looked at everything was area today and Washington -- the -- stack up. Watched -- laid out there. It's indescribable what you think about -- George even if the Kalamazoo where 55 miles away the wilds 45 miles we got there with -- -- thirty tranquilizer guns. What you do and you see all these and we see behind me -- kids see it you -- easy just -- here. Picture about. Three soldiers to -- -- grizzlies who were coming down a road along with eighteen tigers along with the sixteen or seventeen lines and minuses all at -- is doing all over the neighborhood. All I can say this Georgia to working for the animals all this -- We would had a scene yesterday morning that would been most incredible scene we probably wouldn't everyone is and and so we look at the I don't know what to say Georgia -- that the sheriff did what He had to do. It's terrible I see you're trying to think what could we have done we don't have forty -- Basra guns -- and to do that we hit them Georgia takes three to eight minutes ten minutes sometimes they and we Begin go down three popped -- last night. That -- going all over the place and no telling who would've gotten. -- -- -- -- -- I don't Jack I can see how passion -- -- and it's so important Peta seriously when I got home last night the first thing my wife and kids asking after seeing those pictures what -- they really have to do this and you're saying. They had -- absolutely. No choice I know that -- He had the chance to speak with Thompson's wife marriage hasn't spoken any reportedly had the chance to sit down with her. What has she been able to tell you. Which killed there yesterday George I heard -- she was mad at me and and because for taking your animals the -- the game if she was aired. Injuries she walked in -- you -- person. That it hurt she left her husband I was machinists she'd know what the scene what she knew what was going on until she knew that the filth of the port condition during been going on their -- -- -- been there. -- you shaking so hard to -- not please don't take my kids please don't take my children. -- I think animals -- children that exactly that the militant comic that was left in the three leopards are left in the one grisly. Please don't do this to me -- help us and I do you see some elected George just beat down to nothing -- -- I -- and I get emotional that. You know because I started crying with her because of the loss of everybody's -- just today the animal world. The tigers -- the hurt that her loss of course that's her husband's that's what happened I can't control that. But for us here -- zoological world it's a tragic -- now it's over with we're sitting here looking at this and it's it's I've got to mercy is ever had to -- about fifty -- -- -- We have a few seconds left what good can come of this Jack I mean how does not have strong laws to regulate. The traffic and wild animals. The good this -- this is I was on the phone to governor twice just this morning. I was with him -- the conference call holding yesterday immediately those officers we stop the state of Ohio to go to do an option I'd leave those folks who -- animals like this that this man had I suggest you don't listen to another state because you -- knocking on your door here about six to eight months it won't be a -- not enough we would be taking these animals to the while -- supply of repository there. We'll find beautiful homes won't recover not gonna -- and continue this OK Jack thanks very much.

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{"id":14776691,"title":"Jack Hanna on Animals in Ohio: 'Hard to Believe'","duration":"3:18","description":"The animal expert discusses the wild animals that were let loose in Zanesville.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-animals-ohio-hard-14776691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}