Jack Hanna Brings a Baby Two-Toed Sloth to 'GMA'

Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo also showcases a capybara and a tamandua.
3:58 | 02/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings a Baby Two-Toed Sloth to 'GMA'
A new ABC show the river is mysterious ride on the Amazon imagine lost on the water. And in that other -- locations -- unusual happenings in some. Pretty needing animals and to tell us about looking animals on the show Jack Hanna the director emeritus of the Columbus zoo and the star of the river. -- -- -- here with a very special -- This is a time -- Right it's the let's radiator obscure British C needs the Amazon doesn't show but humble heart attack but it's also public -- the other people who listen to -- doesn't just celebrated. It's this -- in the -- as he's not and what you -- Q what's -- Bruce they don't like -- to this call I hear ya you two -- -- -- their notices that knows me that that was no awhile and it would break my affairs but second. I was -- -- he's -- okay that's okay Mike Linehan obviously you don't and I think -- right now let -- February talk about how policy -- what is it so is there a -- issue here did you know -- -- -- -- peak -- -- -- -- coming -- Africa but -- trust John he had no -- along -- he he he got vehicles one pound. They see 20000 and it's an hour and a twenty itself into an hour he presented no matter insurance policy right now -- Look at we hit it definitely answer really -- I -- Bruce. Because -- he a lot of people in the rain forced you don't see these much because of -- really I don't leave your. Brother and that hurt our people don't -- -- It's going to be a lot of a lot of -- because -- Carmelo did you play until you play and that's what's on the show yet. How old how in the wild animals where you prior to being -- As we -- I'm fascinated by them because I think just about everybody is in fact I was fast that right to -- those -- so this is just an incredible having us. Beautiful -- -- residents here as well all site has noted there are decoded to -- -- is Bruce knows a bigger winter got a fruit loops bird. That be for the big moves like this the did you wait one at a feather he would never going to be there really cannot build this -- comes -- that in thirty minutes following -- -- -- -- -- stepping aside. Settle -- just keep and overcome what's it wasn't registered in the cucumber at all if it doesn't have a nice burden as -- as -- go. Oh yeah this Fiat does not to every uses a pet -- because they're difficult to -- -- -- -- and how control and again as he gives the Aaliyah did it at this would actually -- here here by the way deadly poisonous -- and it was lovely knowing any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very jewelry -- put that can't remember when we got there on the docket. It we had to be the fastest clock we've never seen -- we want to introduce them a copy Barack and that the largest number of raping -- has. Well yes this is the largest wrote the world this is not -- actually looked at 200 pounds -- -- -- so huge -- Bruce knows this is very much of food source in the Amazon for not just. We're not just that the -- -- animals but for people. So this is that they -- -- this is videos that they don't baby kinda hard being grilled her about the race that in the Amazon claim it is able -- like you would bleed easily distinctive like the ducks put. Pittsburgh left the real fast that they've looked like he -- -- on the -- que ya know -- the teeth did they devils configurable phone. Have to and that my fantasies like. -- -- -- -- -- Few weeks it had a yeah our -- to reexamine how tonight's that there -- long it's been fantastic it's -- the great. And a lot of punishing. -- -- -- I want to get a shot above the fastest slop in the last yes this is an onslaught quite slump you're just gonna -- where a New York's law thwarted -- -- -- and every square slide please feel that Amazon is something -- -- -- got back -- -- is -- -- -- incredible place for -- last -- -- That you can get into both these places that just the -- -- -- -- love watching it from some -- absolutely remarkable. Again you can see Bruce. It's the river it's tonight from 9 eighths central on ABC can catch up it's only couple -- in previous fantastic. And -- him as wildcats on Saturday. -- -- On -- ABC stations.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"duration":"3:58","description":"Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo also showcases a capybara and a tamandua.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15757365","title":"Jack Hanna Brings a Baby Two-Toed Sloth to 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-brings-baby-toed-sloth-gma-15757365"}