Jack Hanna Brings Capybara, Baby Beaver to 'GMA'

Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo also shows off a family of raccoons.
4:34 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings Capybara, Baby Beaver to 'GMA'
So whenever are on -- -- come -- -- that we I was look forward to meeting some animal source Jack in the director emeritus of the Columbus zoo. And Jack you're actually win. -- friend of yours that you might fear more than any other is amazing how does the -- obviously but. -- David Letterman show in 1986 when Letterman showed -- bitten by between six come -- In almost lost his hope part of this whole foam here you want your son to the -- Galileo breathing asking him -- -- -- this -- this is like there's a bigger be visible beaver here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get an electric took the play but it actually does -- -- -- -- could -- -- completely detailed -- -- imagine there once you don't need to exhaust -- thought it didn't go well. Still with the beavers an animal this what the -- but the largest -- in our country number one. Number two obviously a lot of possible -- here late nineteen hundreds and and -- elected hundreds they they this be reviewed for help for people that needed first is obviously today. They're considered like a pest and some some states because of beating -- dam to blocking -- things like that. They can hold -- breath -- -- like fifteen minutes to underwater that some lung capacity. Not just a little beaver for. Did you see -- big how big how big will he get the league or. Thirty there 25 needed to be -- touch the head was about 29 pounds huge. And -- -- is definitely did you dubbed it the largest city we shall. Meaning I don't watch it here and that's like earlier -- what did I. Thought this is a desert copy of our men that the world's largest -- in the world as he safe tea. I would just -- to ask you webbed feet from Minneapolis you wouldn't come with a trip to the web -- -- can happen. On each gaining an they have cut domestic rental payment we're trying to do not sticking you don't do that -- there's been people who have lost their limbs and live free or he has brought by the -- barely live in central South America. We feel we don't see them up over 200 pound bull they've lost limbs and if you can't change -- -- -- -- but he's got this one's -- -- Just shut his bachelor and or not but that's -- he still world's largest road you -- it felt -- that. It's true I hear your high. -- -- -- -- -- this Kevin Barrett as supplied a lot of food sources for people who live in that part of the world below. -- imagine you're seeing the world's largest -- -- in -- didn't -- -- lord -- there are definitely not. Literally -- it is smaller today on Good Morning America. Not too far -- of -- a raccoon family and -- -- direct does that mean you'll really you'd hope colonies. -- you know and then this is Fallon is in these guys are in American family are we will but what do we have -- -- in yeah evil. -- oh yeah. -- all the latest right now from. You know that yesterday I don't know what's. Atlantic -- -- -- I didn't think the record you really use a plethora going to ask -- nobody -- Directed await a howitzer which -- statements Wednesday upon first period. Had this risers on one of what they saw Iraq doing -- in Iraq group and we are right. This animals and -- help America get my kids they steal market where they do all fourteen. Again these gentlemen these quantum and -- amendments and you better run around you have no don't they -- have you -- -- -- hold his own I don't know it just -- it thank you know content but can't come over hill and plant and and -- -- hundred and Jack they're there you go. They're they're all are all here because oh Pippen -- I admit -- -- said yeah yeah. Isn't what's what's -- do about them directly to North American version of the -- undue bodily. And said we're talking about and I think we're gonna have a little time so let's let's get the monitor lizard I'm not. But we can review period week we have thirty seconds and can continue to receive the Liz and Jack I really didn't miss Pelosi is missing and -- -- I can't -- so we can -- can they don't hang out I see the quad -- and the and the Cappy bar and the and the beaver. No I don't think you have pounded the quieter -- -- the beaver with a small I've told -- that we can go anytime didn't. And as wild countdown entered Saturday. Anything -- after this segment it'll be all -- -- it's. And we'll be right back. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo also shows off a family of raccoons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15064331","title":"Jack Hanna Brings Capybara, Baby Beaver to 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-brings-capybara-baby-beaver-gma-15064331"}