Jack Hanna Brings Wallaby, Slow Loris to 'GMA'

Director emeritus of Columbus Zoo also brings a sloth and lemur to Times Square.
1:43 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings Wallaby, Slow Loris to 'GMA'
Our good friend Jack Hanna the director emeritus of Columbus zoo host of Jack and as well countdown is here. With Yankee group of creditors including that the speedy right over here at a Ramallah -- this -- -- I think you're. There's a slope focus of -- for the two toed -- yeah -- flows through moving land mammals the world -- the whole life before trees. But is a very difficult for us to film -- the wild that's what it rained out dual role refer to put a little big Green moss in the trees are very typical fun they're nocturnal as well. What is remark and he can't he slowest moving well it was the slowest moving him of the world that are like -- trees they also have to keep. They do -- don't agree on what two week assault. -- us to go to bathroom. Because of it was about -- treetops jaguars -- to hear the legal they're grapple we'll have to come Dell will slow in the country to benefit -- -- quickly up the troops home life. That Susan when he didn't feel an objective here is there -- an amazing quality so he's not gonna be a slow rankings ya ya gonna -- right edge. And it during the creature very pre storm rolling tree removal -- -- that the district used to have now a slow Lawrence and this. He might do to -- Second slowest that's hardly if we get a couple out but can't we had these degrees here that I would rear -- but what is your eyes and looked so -- -- -- Israel that it library. -- -- -- -- -- -- All that what you're seeing here ploy to avoid this -- the world body. I don't know if you heard what you don't look at me like this -- -- and places member of that club told him he'd chat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I have a nobody should put what is he has to lead guitar -- attended his arm that uses but. Mix it with his mouth it is -- Polly pocket -- throughout the -- of -- about it. I still worry about I have poisonous little lord no no amount I think it's a critical -- -- -- -- 1000000003 Hillary's seat yet to -- his armpit. Didn't get the juice out of their city of mixing with a -- -- -- poison. That -- -- is not really enjoying. Either of the -- people in the killers probably had been renovating preacher -- Miller look everybody that's that's why are poisonous mammals. -- the other what is. The platypus. Is no appointment at midnight so I'll we have -- -- and one can only think they weren't extinct but -- the wallabies and I think -- one point well. So some of of these there about thirty species won't -- -- -- about what you're the king -- everybody in this part of one the second smallest of the world. And it is the king route to marsupial which we debate he was -- looks like a lot to be just like that where he had there definitely looks like -- -- The goal of the -- the two other birth canal. -- bit into the pouch -- that's -- state rep 26 months. The next three babies at one time when leaving the pouch one that little worm going up in the pelican brief the same day homes not just -- didn't like this -- Political row and their that the terrible luck like like a little to any particular area. They don't. Because as you're holding is our right to -- and hopefully get -- -- -- -- -- this Robin again if that's not happening. -- -- don't -- these notes that in and out so this. This is it crested before -- -- an average crested porcupine. That we got members of the North American -- -- Is about the size here all right if this -- -- to be filed for time to such huge. These things are used for weapons it was cool hand -- -- it was -- -- though this does not have a bar bullet and ordered deported by the department. He cannot get it out when -- or are leopards or high busy this they get hit the bargain there for the very good eating people we need to put you probably would not. There's a nocturnal creature Holy -- -- -- to the wild in Zimbabwe. But there are a beautiful credulity -- the big and they're gorgeous would fan out like a peacock. But the animal also -- -- with their by people over -- for food. But they're there and -- creature he rattles -- -- is different it's regrettable -- Can we see and we I think we can that we have a bonus we -- we -- a bonus animal that we stand by and this Egyptian boat that should have altered my gosh and netstat. Isn't absolutely beautiful and -- what job what job what job we'll watch what do you mean. In other news that's a good seeing you don't doctor saint -- you know another. Rounded -- -- Egyptian vultures in this animal could take actually it was very intelligent and ostrich you know buster JD you know take a rocket -- I don't object to break it to get the -- Mine -- up two slots because they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jack yeah. Poisonous mammals and wild adventures.

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{"id":15370680,"title":"Jack Hanna Brings Wallaby, Slow Loris to 'GMA'","duration":"1:43","description":"Director emeritus of Columbus Zoo also brings a sloth and lemur to Times Square.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-brings-kangaroo-slow-loris-gma-15370680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}