Jack Hanna Visits With Some Furry Friends

Famed animal expert shows off rare and exotic animals.
4:32 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Visits With Some Furry Friends
Our good friend Jack Hanna in the studio that means anything can happen and probably -- the Yankees of course the director emeritus of the Columbus zoo and he's picked up some amazing animals to bring in -- got for us. Well right now we have available that there is a beaver -- -- cards. The largest largest rodent in the United States by the -- -- eroded if a -- -- over the he's got -- just like like a -- the front. And -- obviously this this code will most sought after coaches it throughout but just this country throughout the world. As well as the -- obviously -- for -- like this. That -- awarded but. -- -- They have webbed feet and large town that's -- what with a round of sort of stupid now he gets the aids in order that he's gonna attack me in particular no no and tell you if your fund. You don't like either -- known for your a but they generally considered a -- -- -- -- intentions a lot of parts of North America until they do. I was a -- B real of the baby -- so -- what's the DMZ -- -- -- of build them creeks and things and -- -- in Montana people like that I'd done done that helped a lot look at -- and west we have this morning all right. We have -- we hear we're going -- the beaver we could. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- villages in almost forty years right now -- you know I had pretty -- joke. But this is unless three -- everybody a little compared to what argued Regina leader would -- with -- Amanda -- -- -- to a it's -- or less creator not hold. Can not keep your Phillies could call he's he's following yes he's capable if you really got you he could break your finger notice how -- -- -- an end to any. -- isn't he -- you can get silly old resell it. You -- it -- and it hits you right now not sell your face. When word John enlisted the help America and were last year due to snow this animal miles away -- public speaker of the force but -- the prehensile tail. Pleasantries. Regina leader who lives on the ground for Brazil the -- -- here's this big that big. Huge to -- Johnny her -- like this -- -- they get indeed they answers tongues about six inches long this would hear they heat -- they say up to 101000 termites and power what's the purpose of this now. The smell is to locate each other our sources to deter maybe a predator because once he thinks he treats -- million more it's worse than anything -- -- could ever imagine. Our thinking and I have you know what -- they got here is Smart and they don't. This right here is a view revisited incredibly lonely at that you have -- this is that he wrapped. Case I don't -- my daughter Julie hey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't want Palin family her hair behind him under the best sons Peter these -- the base young athletes is to link says the Siberian lynx not. Canadian -- -- similar to catch here -- it used to be about poll out anywhere from fifty to sixty pounds in a Siberian lynx -- one they think there's no extinct in the wild. They're just still studying the -- out so we don't in -- -- we. -- yeah. -- -- -- No these animals were hunted it toward extinction almost because -- because their pelts -- -- -- the world. That's not the problem anymore they're solitary cat -- an altitude of by the 151000 feet they cannot locate the females when the cycle so. It's it's -- sad -- look at -- -- -- if you could move quickly. If you about what if this young it's -- -- -- he had a -- -- notion actually in the snow it doesn't run on its Padgett runs and hold back part of the leg. It like -- -- -- right there are incredible -- beautiful I think when that time for one more animal. Let's not make sure that the -- -- -- -- activists. Yeah right here everybody's is the largest owl in the world well if you ever asked a question. What it'll sell on every continent stepped in ordered them what -- animals because it'll only one in the world the owl species every convicts have been -- extending I -- -- -- -- That's going to get and I know exactly. -- this value of the talent you would you wonder why wears a glove. The bald eagle has a thousand -- the pressure for grinch this or wild bird not that would do this. It would go through grants skin muscle in right to the -- that's how powerful -- -- -- Alfred headlight that. Because eyeballs are so big they cannot turn in the socket people don't know that that's my feeling this we herded like these you're pretty girls the -- at this. -- -- -- Kathy testing it out so he's either give him his whole head -- But they hope with the echo location they can -- told -- ever seeing anything they just by hearing stuff. And Dallas eleven and that -- this this is the largest Al the world -- the Eurasian. Unbelievable -- -- it's always great having you on thanks very much come up from Columbus anytime you want to play heavy on good Merry Christmas we thank you Tina do we should say that Jack Hanna while countdown is on Saturdays on most ABC stations I'm sorry you don't get it you should it's a great show.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Famed animal expert shows off rare and exotic animals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15078870","title":"Jack Hanna Visits With Some Furry Friends","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-visits-furry-friends-15078870"}