Jack Hanna on Escaped Wild Animals in Ohio

The Animal expert and Zanesville Sheriff talk to Robin Roberts about the hunt.
3:54 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jack Hanna on Escaped Wild Animals in Ohio
Turnout -- Jack Hanna director emeritus of the Columbus zoo and sheriff Matt -- of muskingum county they join us now live from. Zanesville Ohio and sheriff let me start with you give us the latest here how many animals are still. On the loose. At this hour and what kind of animals. Yeah Robin we are we right now I have not got a real good -- because of darkness how we feel the we have about thirty to 35 accounted for. However there there could still be some more on the property that were put down we just haven't got an accurate count until daylight gets here any -- -- was included. Please go ahead. The it was includes some wolves -- tigers mountain lions. It also bears as well. This is unbelievable to know that there are on the lose any idea any recent sightings and is David correct in saying that you're gonna wait until daybreak until -- -- -- You're deputies back out -- -- -- the order still shoot to kill. Well right now a week we get hasn't sightings reported overnight and between our county Lincoln County however. None of those sightings were confirmed. You know at daybreak -- -- back end where we're gonna try to get a body count for accountability issues -- -- -- -- -- -- We do we do have the zoo officials as well as our local -- officials here. We -- tranquilizers we've had there's on site since this thing started and if there's if there's any attempt -- we can do tranquilizers Hamilton will be done. And that's -- that man right next to you our good friend Jack Hanna. Is with -- -- subject tell us about how your are assisting the sheriff and others. Well in Pennsylvania drove all night to give him an hour ago and right now brought -- there is here then they've done this all their lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fuel assistance he's in charge to assess the situation -- near into look at what animals they are thinking should have no human life involved here that -- hurt or harm or whatever. They will go to save our beautiful animal life -- here for. To take these hills we've just taken the zoo or moving things around now we're trying to help the -- today to move -- from -- -- -- what cats are still here. Following are no draft no camels here -- there's no no -- -- animals -- -- -- being announced right now. What He did was what had to be done He hadn't said this but there's also barely -- -- -- -- -- -- the started last night had to be put down human life has to come first. It's a terrible thing that some -- might not understand the -- we have to look out for nepotism is done now. We have to take your beautiful animal life we could not do that a dark -- cannot drink a lot to them like -- -- -- or leopard -- -- if you do that. The animal gets very excited He goes and hides in the we have there's always are in danger of losing their life and other people's flesh -- wouldn't revelation done -- -- time -- -- -- understand that. Trigger -- in what -- time is hard enough. Much less -- -- -- that helps explain it. The laws -- to be tough for their Jackie -- and and did a police report about this isn't the first time about exotic animals there in the and the -- seem to be very lax. Right now we don't restrict left office there was a bill that was -- however. How we've Forsett -- reported committee right away the governor call me. Not -- -- right a -- selected live committee now has been meeting for almost six months now weary after collected how emit much that is. We've been working now obviously we didn't work fast enough I could tell you now -- Afghanistan's hear how -- with the governing here right now this afternoon this bill I'm sure hopefully -- do this. -- top -- we can make these laws where people. We had to pay a substantial sum of money to have permitting he'll be inspected. If they're not then we'll shut it down also there auctions and Ohio right now animal auction to have to be shut down -- about a drug dealer. That's where these things come from to have to shut these things down in order to stop the inflow these animals and that we can take care of the sheriff Terry Thompson the -- Anymore the cause of death. Com now we we have a -- don't know yet we we are doing another press conference about 10 AM were waiting on some reports to come back from the autopsy. -- thank you for -- work sheriff and and Jack as well thank you very very much.

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{"id":14767710,"title":"Jack Hanna on Escaped Wild Animals in Ohio","duration":"3:54","description":"The Animal expert and Zanesville Sheriff talk to Robin Roberts about the hunt.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hannah-escaped-wild-animals-ohio-14767710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}