Jack Hanna's Animal Friends From Around the World

"GMA" is joined by animals from Africa, Australia and South America.
2:56 | 03/17/12

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Transcript for Jack Hanna's Animal Friends From Around the World
Are always excited and our good friend Jack Hanna director emeritus of the Columbus zoo and aquarium in Ohio stops by -- -- -- -- usual friends. And here he sat down with ginger -- meet tell us all about critters from three different continents Africa Australia and South America excellent. Act what do you have there believe that you -- here. It up but did you hear a huge star and. -- -- -- -- That apple -- have light all the world is only that this is only one continue to meet your wallet preserving Goddard to Kansas now what he's gonna do it a second -- his mark his territory with a bottom. That's what -- do these animals. These animals -- the most fearless animal coordinate their -- his book of world records in the world that from Africa that he anything -- rose I don't care what it is is heavily. And this is diablo and Diablo 3 months all yes three months old and he's out at south disappear weathering solo -- the -- this is -- -- gets him. Like this county -- see us hit the -- rubber ball right there until they will turn growing revenue. He really take your hand -- and yet easy. Now we wanted to kangaroo and it's coming in a palace young because after -- two -- all -- anger at an event and has percent to eight until. You have a little -- Salad garlic and a palace -- off what had some interesting in information was and they come out the size of the cherry. They don't know exactly like a lot of bureau worm believed about the birth canal come up the stomach for half an hour imagine if not even knowing where to go get to the -- attaches to the breast their state or six months and end this kangaroo specifically know that there's a population over population problem yet Australian Hitler's that specific what that it gives a -- -- right -- the get -- fox sixty -- stand up. Legal thirty miles an hour -- thirty feet is timed in -- -- group McCain -- What the mob kangaroos -- hurting mom can. Many -- -- there. That's a sloth slow to move this morning yup that's what it is he we'll see who exactly who he's doing now the daytime their heart rate dropped to nothing. You do not even know that there are very difficult for us to -- This lock of the on the ground when there we go the bathroom in the back of the tree one and -- an -- never dominantly in South America exacted from South America central South America. And this animal here we have visible to the South America Latin -- gap outlet -- -- this AM. -- -- Anybody that I -- now Romney Iraq right -- -- -- -- I -- something and a beautiful. This really national national they hear in in Pittsburgh Keith Smith in most -- South America and what about late week what to get stairway -- -- Tate. Fought fiercely right here -- write in your face. That there is defense says it didn't regard to take like this play all your face -- -- -- I don't think people Cooley could put their feet deep coherently. There's an animal welfare -- of Altera honey badger hole give me honey -- every -- while we see that and we'll have come to get you have to live that -- -- you. And Jack thank you -- -- great to have you on the show thank you so much honey -- not very exciting decade has -- countdown airs every Saturday 9:8 central.

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{"id":15945766,"title":"Jack Hanna's Animal Friends From Around the World","duration":"2:56","description":"\"GMA\" is joined by animals from Africa, Australia and South America.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hannas-animal-friends-world-15945766","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}