Jackie Evancho: Little Girl, Angelic Voice

Elizabeth Vargas interviews singing sensation as she embarks on massive tour.
4:09 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for Jackie Evancho: Little Girl, Angelic Voice
A little ability angelic voice eleven year old Jackie -- -- It is about to launch a massive tour and we caught up with -- to talk about what it's like to have the biggest year of your life before -- even a teenager. -- -- -- -- -- In 2011 has already -- a year filled with presents for Jackie -- her first major stewed. You alma media charts at number two this summer just behind Eminem. And -- -- the youngest artist in history to debut in the top ten. Voice -- taken her all the way from America's Got Talent to America's newest sweetheart. Mountains purchasing and you sound like a professional opera singer -- reunion. Do you think you were just born with best I think islands just don't. Think. Does it surprise you to think that you're considered superhuman he does surprise me because whenever I listen to myself -- -- I hear. Is an eleven year old girl. But it is clear to others the voice coming from -- mature beyond her years. When your onstage singing what does it feel like yeah -- -- written -- And anger and confess I didn't say. And now -- closing out the biggest year of her young life. With the tour to promote her new top selling album heavenly Christmas. -- -- -- -- You get shaky learning I did get shaky at times -- we need -- take a couple deep brat sir back. I am taking facts and with a vocal coach in the back. At this stage we do little pink and -- -- What are those normally need just run around like it when you waddle around like a key Shannon with that is. Yeah. He then it takes up the nerves. What -- great ninety yeah and it works every time he's. -- She may be learning the tricks of the trade on stage but offstage she still like any other eleven year old girl who loves the family fun of the holidays. Our schools look -- -- -- My whole family basically -- -- -- and hand -- Christmas present. These days Jackie juggles the demands of stardom with the home life of an eleven year old girl. Do we choices squabbling with the senate without -- -- when Jack he's not working she's like cystic. She's annoying she's nice. She you know -- alive if you can. -- She's just like anybody else. And busy her calendar for 2012. -- ready -- -- just continue to pound -- accompanying keep the fatter and -- and angling -- -- -- -- coming up. The song you believe is an appropriate sentiment for a girl who's had such a miraculous year. The best part about. Being able to. -- -- -- -- Show the world. Miracles do happen. -- -- --

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{"id":15234053,"title":"Jackie Evancho: Little Girl, Angelic Voice","duration":"4:09","description":"Elizabeth Vargas interviews singing sensation as she embarks on massive tour.","url":"/GMA/video/jackie-evancho-girl-angelic-voice-15234053","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}