Jail Break: Chicago Fugitives on the Loose

The manhunt for two bank robbers expands after their daring escape from federal prison.
2:15 | 12/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jail Break: Chicago Fugitives on the Loose
We're going to turn, now, to the brazen bank robbers, considered armed and dangerous. They managed to escape from a federal prison in chicago. The entire city is on-edge this morning, as authorities expand their manhunt. And we're learning more on just how those two escaped and where they went initially. Abc's john schriffen has the latest. Reporter: Overnight, the manhunt for two escaped bank robbers intensified. Police chasing down multiple new leads. Investigators say surveillance cameras captured joseph jose banks and kenneth conley, considered to be armed and dangerous, getting into a taxi, minutes after their brazen escape tuesday. And they showed up at conley's mother's home in a chicago suburb, just five hours later. He was in the house for two minutes. I can't tell you if he was armed. I made him get out. As hours go by, our chances get longer and longer. However, we have several viable leads we are running down. Reporter: According to court documents, banks and conley were last seen locked up monday at 10:00 p.M. During headcount. It's then, authorities believe, the two stuffed their beds with clothes in the shape of bodies. Shimmying out of a hole only inches wide, and scaled down the side of the building 17 stories up. At 7:00 the next morning, as employees arrived at work, they noticed the sheets still dangling from the building. Conley and banks were missing. Banks, nicknamed the second-hand bandit because of disguises he used in his robberies, was convicted of armed robbery just last week. His parting words to his judge, quote, I'll be seeking retribution, as well as damages. You'll be hearing from me. She and others who presided over his case have reportedly been offered protection. They're willing to go down sheets 17 floor, they're willing to take a chance. You can draw your own conclusion as to what that might mean. Reporter: With the two on the run now for more than 48 hours, authorities are asking for the public's help. The fbi and the u.S. Marshals are offering a combined reward up to $60,000 to find the inmates and bring them back into custody. The fbi says they're following multiple leads at this hour, including some indicating that the two have left the state. They've left. They've gone.

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{"id":18024136,"title":"Jail Break: Chicago Fugitives on the Loose","duration":"2:15","description":"The manhunt for two bank robbers expands after their daring escape from federal prison.","url":"/GMA/video/jail-break-chicago-fugitivies-escaped-bed-sheets-loose-18024136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}