Book Recounts Infamous Outpost Battle From Afghan War

ABC News' Jake Tapper discusses his new book involving 53 U.S. troops who battled 400 Taliban.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Book Recounts Infamous Outpost Battle From Afghan War
And we are back now with our friend and colleague jake tapper whose new book "the out: An untold story of american valor." It happened in at outpost where 53 americans fought off 400 taliban. Jake, this is remarkable. The combat outpost is calls outpost keating which exemplifies everything you're saying in the book. He was an incredible man. Lieutenant ben keating, the president of university of new hampshire. Young republican, wanted to go into service, convinced that some day he would be a senator or president, sending troops into battle. He wanted to serve us well. And he ended up being incredibly disillusioned with the war and ultimately paid the most final and horrible price, not because of the enemy, but because of how dangerous the land was. And that's what so much of your story is about. Not just about this battle, but also about why the outpost was put in this remote corner of afghanistan in the first place. Yeah, and it becomes almost like a microcosm of the war in afghanistan too begin with. But it's put at the bottom of three steep mountains, 14 miles from the pakistan border. Almost every soldier who ever went there over the course of the 3 1/2 years of the combat outpost's life would come and say what are we doing at the bottom of this fishbowl. Everyone knows basic military strategy, you always want the high ground. But the u.S. Put them there and they fought valiantly, and the stories are incredible. When you first read about this attack at a signal moment in your life when your son was born? JACK WAS BORN DECEMBER 2nd, 2009. Out of the haze of my wife's room, I saw a report about eight other sons being taken from this planet. Eight soldiers killed. And the coverage was, why would anybody put an outpost there? And it became a mystery that i needed to solve, why I was reporting that, why did we put an outpost in this horrible location, it became a story of the incredible heroics of the troop. As and other soldiers started reaching out and said, tell my story as well, tell my friend's story as well. That's what makes this ecial. You brought together your two worlds. You covering this from the white house every day, all the support, you wanted to get a handle on this human consequence. What was incredible. The decisions made by george w. Bush, donald rumsfeld, robert gates, president obama, would directly affect them. Not just at arm's distance. If those troops did not have the manpower they needed or the helicopters they needed, they would die. And these troops are so grateful to you for telling this story. I want to show some video, saturday night in washington. They presented you with the flag that flew over combat outpost keating. I had just gotten -- I just finished saying I didn't feel comfortable getting any of the attention for the heroics and major portis came up there, grabbed the microphone, took command and presented me with the flag. I feel like I don't deserve it. It was one of the last flags flying at combat outpost keating. The fact that they feel I at least listened to them and tell the story. And you tell the story so well in this book. Congratulations. Called "the outpost."

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{"id":17697832,"title":"Book Recounts Infamous Outpost Battle From Afghan War","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Jake Tapper discusses his new book involving 53 U.S. troops who battled 400 Taliban.","url":"/GMA/video/jake-tapper-book-recounts-infamous-outpost-battle-afghan-17697832","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}