James Carville: Herman Cain Stands 'Zero Chance'

James Carville discusses businessman's chances of securing GOP nomination.
3:11 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for James Carville: Herman Cain Stands 'Zero Chance'
And with Mitt Romney this flip flopping charge is -- -- -- Rick Perry hitting him on ABC the Obama campaign. Getting -- -- -- is this the single biggest hurdle between him and the nomination. I don't even know if there's a hurdle left but yes demand as a stereo when -- I mean any damage your turn around -- it did get something out of it and watching He uses any kind adjective in front have that you know -- get credit for popped up. He it is very committed to that means that he's gonna tank positions -- at -- -- 110% of the substance that may very little bit later He essentially -- the beginning this do you think there might be nothing in standing between him in the nomination. I don't think so. RRK I can't imagine I mean that repairs completely blown himself up there's there's zero chance that that that -- against the Vietnam it got it in less. Don't think -- I can see if the Republicans just don't like him enough. -- He can't accumulate. Half the delegates to pick out who did that that -- -- -- -- gone in and -- become -- -- -- that that He can't close a deal with that's almost impossible but GCR Perry trying to come back this week he's at the 20%. Flat tax and talked about the other day -- He also seemed to step in and a little bit. By at first questioning. Whether president Obama's birth certificate as authentic seeming to question. You have the best thing -- could do for himself and his family and friends get operation go back -- this man is is evidently not opted yes. He had when He can't just to do it. He can't debate He can't give a speech He can't pole position Paper He can't go on television got fifteen million dollars in the bank James got you -- He could have a hundred. -- fifty million dollars in the back. He is incapable of running for president He can't do the things that an -- run for president he's behind Newt Gingrich in the polls now. He's just in something that that that He should have never gotten him to. He's you know we're here it's not -- evident to me -- seven -- 95% of the republic and no one else is getting in this race. -- and -- maybe I don't know what's gonna happen if -- If -- had just been able to all the 50% I guess there's -- -- -- stopping but -- -- great resistance every time the city -- Ron -- get about 25 to. They don't wanna -- for Romney it is perfectly clear everybody goes up everybody goes out -- state to state. They do seem to want to be for Herman Cain I want to ask you about that because he's right behind her. Romney and an all these polls and we saw that ad showed his campaign manager. Smoking earlier this week I heard -- saw one person call -- post modern genius others think it's amateur hour where do you come down. Come down effect Assad government statement that -- -- dropped a hand it to drink in my life He -- how is He could -- -- -- -- what gets me it. He may or drop us -- He was it gives up I definitely cannot guarantee that. I just -- -- -- it it didn't let it Herman Cain says funny things Herman Cain is not going to be the Republican nomination for president. I mean he's what He had to them at national distraction maybe not a bad when in the middle of this horrific recession but -- bit -- -- -- up. Rove -- locked -- my probably burn out -- my New York Times. Not He said it I thought the smartest thing anybody says they've done what you -- sheriff -- I don't doubt Watson when you eliminate impossible you left what is the improbable hello admit that the may have all right yeah I'll put you down as a vote for amateur and James -- -- on this.

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{"id":14824254,"title":"James Carville: Herman Cain Stands 'Zero Chance'","duration":"3:11","description":"James Carville discusses businessman's chances of securing GOP nomination.","url":"/GMA/video/james-carville-herman-cain-stands-chance-14824254","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}