Actor James Spader Talks New Film 'Lincoln' on 'GMA'

James Spader adds comic relief with new role in historical bio-pic 'Lincoln'.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Actor James Spader Talks New Film 'Lincoln' on 'GMA'
Test Back with a look at "lincoln" and comic relief and comic politics comes from a trio lincoln hires. Watch james spader steal this scene. Congressman cheats 2,000 bucks. The president would be unhappy to hear you did that. Will he be unhappy if we lose? The money I managed to raise for this endeavor is only for your fees, your food and lodging. Uh-huh. That squirrel-infested attic is any measure, it ain't much. Shall we get to work? And james spader joins us now. You had so much fun with this role, didn't you? Just a ball. You play william -- w.N. Bilbo. We see him with william seward. You're the guy hired to get the 13th amendment through the congress. The administration had to be careful not to get lincoln's hands dirty with the lobbyists. Still going on today. They were amateurs at that time with it. I mean, they had -- the lobbyists had been active in washington since the 18th century. Since the very beginning of congress. But these three guys that are in the film, you know, they all have different professions. They all did different things. But they came in for this big project. They didn't get lincoln's hands dirty. He ends up -- you're used to the iconic abe lincoln. But you show him in this movie, willing to do whate needs to do to get it done. He had to. Every day, he was such a tremendous loss of life going on. And yet, he felt it was absolutely paramount that the amendment pass before the end of the war because the emancipation proclamation was not going to stand up in court because it was a war act. As soon as the war was over, if this amendment wasn't passed, they were going to be right back where they were when they started. He wasn't going to let it happen. On the set, you got to work -- it was some of the best actors in the business. Steven spielberg, directing. And I love the way you describe the set. An 1865 cocoon. We shot in richmond, virginia, which is very much of that time and place, even today. You know? Every historical monument. Every historical place. You're surrounded by battlefields. All of our stages were set up in a studio near cold harbor and petersburg. And my first day on the set was in the house of representatives. And I walked in. And it looked like, you know, a motorcycle gang convention with whiskers and beards and long hair. It was, you know, over 100, you know, whatever. Extras and horsemen who were everywhere. It was fantastic. I could tell. You brought so much to the role. Thank you. It's a fantastic movie. Thank you, george. "Lincoln" opens nationwide on friday.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"James Spader adds comic relief with new role in historical bio-pic 'Lincoln'.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17715963","title":"Actor James Spader Talks New Film 'Lincoln' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/james-spader-gma-interview-2012-actor-discusses-role-17715963"}