Jamie Foxx on Obama's Influence on Presidential Character

"White House Down" actor discusses playing a U.S. president in high-action thriller.
5:23 | 06/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jamie Foxx on Obama's Influence on Presidential Character
-- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- -- also 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is new blockbuster White House out fox stars as the president and very well played -- -- add. Channing -- is the man in charge of protecting him in his big hit thriller it is so much fun nonstop action it opens in theaters this Friday here. It's a look at Jamie Foxx in -- Yeah. And -- it playing playing the leader of the free world. He knows -- you know end of the political scene to move him not do impersonation. Of President Obama but there -- some. Obama needs. I that I yeah -- some -- feeling well there's there's there's there's one little joke that I think they'll get about the -- History this pretty funny and the fact that as you know President Obama that the we've got some air Jordan -- program. -- -- You keep your place if there is any indication that Americans -- most credible -- and yes it Saad Abdul little bit up the mess up it's not the person that. But I did hear. That he asked for a copy of the movies. -- gave you this there's this big who did not make you nervous now our president literally everything that I actually perform that at the White House and the Motown you. Supple form form before so I'm I'm I'm happy that -- -- -- -- you're wearing issues. Give and I would it will actually be in his -- -- -- -- yet what did you learn about it. But what I learned was that the weight of the presidency is this it's like everything they do this to scrutinize. I -- sesame. -- -- -- -- -- Bill Clinton. President Clinton. George Bush. President Obama as well what I did notice that when they're not look at what obviously this rate would be just like that -- -- beautiful mind. Intel gave -- another regular guy. Who's not handsome I didn't notice at all Channing Tatum says don't. On yeah -- and it's undeniable. Chemistry that you guys haven't just don't tell me about the experience -- Together know what I mean for him to be. You haven't grand baby political. She didn't -- -- and this got. He's so humble and so cool and we got the southern available from the south. It's got and then we've got a song without about to -- number one on the charts with a bullet caught sending. Saying. Yeah. That's it yes sandy. -- -- would have -- Okay. Campaign. Get the hostages and Jimmy Kimmel got emotional -- -- -- will be -- -- did it on the show was such a great response excellent back to my house. Actual -- song in my -- is seeing. Until then the individual that's okay it was amazing now what we're gonna do is -- with the song down on iTunes and every bit of will get richer and so does this time. It is hot it is Bonnie -- but still lit a sampling of Channing Holland Taylor. -- you know my the it's no phone calls and had it. I -- -- soldier mad at you like this thing it's a -- -- OK. Yeah. White -- down. Is the name of the moment in eight it is it is explosive news that there's a lot of -- -- -- He's that you guys were really really physical about it but in fact of one point you hit him with a rocket launcher guy and elected elected -- I accidentally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the money and Roland Emmerich and Nathan Independence Day. Always great movies that people remember you really have a great -- with Israel. And -- did all those guns you know I'm not I didn't really get started Obama Paula they often keep a window on in the hole ahead of -- -- Their lives on the that was -- diet keeping a lid it. -- -- Whether it's schools and the response to the movie is great but they they. Screened -- last night. I was dreaming really had a -- my son and myself. He women love me you know women. Well let me -- I -- -- here not but not bad to you I'll work and then up next we'll all see -- playing the building indefinite president of the villain in the snyderman. He's vitamin C is -- let Jones -- in this series and -- road -- ever is amazing. Mark with the -- -- be part of that was amazing how little daughter got a test will be on the set I'm on the least dressed as -- while I'm just since electro. And it's really build the -- up for this kid came to -- he's really. All right you're given a shout -- when did you start Jamie -- you are on.

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{"id":19493447,"title":"Jamie Foxx on Obama's Influence on Presidential Character","duration":"5:23","description":"\"White House Down\" actor discusses playing a U.S. president in high-action thriller.","url":"/GMA/video/jamie-foxx-interview-white-house-actor-obamas-request-19493447","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}