Jamie Foxx Rescues Person From Burning Car, Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen read 'Clueless' lines and More in 'Pop News'

ABC News' Ryan Smith has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
3:12 | 01/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jamie Foxx Rescues Person From Burning Car, Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen read 'Clueless' lines and More in 'Pop News'
Brian Smith and here the hottest hot news stories buzzing on the line right now. Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx is being declared I'll real life hero after it liberating car last night. Fox's rep telling ABC that the star didn't hesitate he ran straight out of the scene the accident. Which took plea here is home to California are apparently veered out of control on the wet roads there whipped into the air after hitting it. The fox reportedly also called nine when one driver taken to the hospital but kudos to the star for his quick thinking and his. Cuomo over sheriff Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen certain of low with a home means Hollywood minute reciting shares lines from clueless. W magazine's latest casting call video it had entered at. Holy body. Particulate. When I had this garden party for my brother's birthday right ice and are speak because it was this actor. But people Cain that like didn't arms treaty so I was like totally. Like you just don't understand you know. For the next drive but they certainly know share about what but the guy they're both working on. Other known here related projects programs on neighbors to and Coopers guardians of the galaxy sequel is in pre production. Well to celebrate his February vogue cover Gary Zoolander is back and welcome vogue dot com. And his went through residents to take part of the website Davis 73 questions here. It seems really really ridiculously. Good looking Starr has opened up about diet and exercise he. According good to have dinner with living or dead. Living definite need. There why do you keep clothes racks but the exercise machines. This is an exercise machine. I just before reps a get another sit in to forge a McCarty of thanks Sarah. So that's how we stayed so hot right now mystery solved. Boy katic going crazy spiral for his uncanny resemblance to a certain Star Wars the force awakened stuff take a close look at quarry cat who. He's basically feline Adams right. Laughter a photo or it was posted on Twitter the Internet went wild but his title red looking kitty but thanks to his newfound fame. Already gotten adopted into a do forever family. This lady drove more than and our order rescue. Adam driver cat promptly renamed him title ran and now they're living happily ever after in a galaxy far far away. AK April. And finally if you're starting to get going after the holiday weekend we've familiar name but so does as little column not even chocolate can put it. But spring in his step that you should get say he's putting up with snack time despite his desperate need for that. Obviously meditated to DNA from our partners tomorrow for ABC news I'm Ryan Smith in New York. Have a great.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"ABC News' Ryan Smith has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36383870","title":"Jamie Foxx Rescues Person From Burning Car, Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen read 'Clueless' lines and More in 'Pop News'","url":"/GMA/video/jamie-foxx-rescues-person-burning-car-bradley-cooper-36383870"}