Jane Bashara Found Dead in Her SUV

Husband eyed as person of interest in the Detroit suburb murder mystery.
2:25 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Jane Bashara Found Dead in Her SUV
Talk about his murder mystery one of America's wealthiest communities the case everybody's talking about in Grosse Pointe Michigan the wife. Mother and successful executive found strangled in her Mercedes the husband who gave a series of emotional interviews and now. A big twist ABC's Mohammed -- is here with the details -- in the morning. Good morning and -- authorities have named a husband a person of interest that's not the same is being named as a suspect or even being charged with a crime. The to the couple's friends and neighbors it's something they thought could never happen in their community. -- do -- say if you weren't. It's the murder mystery that's shocking this wealthy Detroit suburb. This past Wednesday morning -- Bishara -- senior marketing executive was found dead strangled in the backseat of her Mercedes in the Detroit Alley. Just hours before her husband Bob had reported her missing. Unthinkable that this happened to her and what she had to suffer. This week and a startling new twist her husband now being look at. He has continued to cooperate with our investigation he has a person of interest -- our investigation police sources tell ABC affiliate WX YZ that mr. Bishara failed a polygraph. Test on Friday -- can you tell us anything he says he last spoke to his wife on Tuesday afternoon and had planned to -- -- at around 8 PM. When he returned home he says she wasn't there but the TV was on and -- company -- still inside. I'm doing what I need to do to cooperate with the authorities to find who did this to my life. Police have since search the home removing multiple hard drives those who knew the couple are in shock. Both -- a good friend is dead they were just a great couple and that police are now investigating whether her own husband was involved. It makes me sick to think that they would think bad and I mean it's hard on -- as the kids even hear about something like I mean. I mean there's no doubt in my mind. It was not him for sure -- your brokerage. A funeral for Barbara -- -- is planned for Tuesday neither the police nor the family and made any comment about the investigation behind. All right Mohamed thank him for more on this case were joined by gene can Sar is a correspondent for in session on true TV good to have you today's morning thanks for coming in to police are calling the victim's husband a person of interest what does that -- -- well. There's no legal significance as sort of a modern terminology that it means he's epicenter of their investigation right now. I think the timeline is going to be critical in this case because he says that Tuesday night at five after eight he got home. And his wife wasn't there well his wife left a business meeting in Detroit at four in the afternoon it's believed she went home. His cell phone -- that's what investigators are looking at right now where was he at 5 PM 6 PM 7 PM 8 PM. And then also he spoke with police at the police station for four hours Friday night. Something must have happened because local reports are saying that at some point an attorney arrived for him so did an interview suddenly become a custodial interrogation. That's when Miranda rights -- read and you have the right to have an attorney present. Did that happen and his attorney came and then of course as was said. Local reports are saying that he did not pass appalling. And I want to talk about that polygraph test how significant is that when someone doesn't pass we don't know exactly what part of -- -- fail it's not it it cannot be entered into trial so it would not come before a jury both sides have agreed to with that would not happen. But -- investigative tool it definitely is something that they're going to look at because consistencies and inconsistencies. Police are doing their investigation and if he is talking for four hours of them in the PlayStation and what he's saying is inconsistent. With what they are learning. And that's not good for him aiming at a police entered the home came out with two computers what could -- be searching for an his computers -- Searching for planning searching for anything like and then we say they're saying that they're a loving couple -- pregnant of the Romania is shocked. And hopefully law enforcement has not jumped on this too -- remember Richard -- in Atlanta for the Olympic bombings they called him a person of interest and he had nothing to do and how crucial is it to have a -- It's not important for trial in that it's not an element of -- -- you don't have to use it to prove your case but it's very important to understand why this happened. Because -- why would someone want to strangle her and she fought for her life she had bruises on her chest and on her back. She knew she was being murdered after brutal way to die and as everyone's been saying there were such a loving -- for the mystery continues all right changes -- thank you so much -- and we appreciate it.

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{"id":15466173,"title":"Jane Bashara Found Dead in Her SUV","duration":"2:25","description":"Husband eyed as person of interest in the Detroit suburb murder mystery. ","url":"/GMA/video/jane-bashara-found-dead-suv-15466173","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}