Jane Bashara Murder Mystery Deepens

Handyman who confessed is now free and pointing his finger at Jane's husband.
4:55 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Jane Bashara Murder Mystery Deepens
This surprise twist and a baffling and bizarre murder case playing out in one of America's wealthiest communities. The handyman who apparently confessed to killing a mom and executive named -- Musharraf has now been released by the cops with -- Zero explanation. Joseph gets the man who just days ago reportedly walked into -- Grosse Pointe park police station and admitted to strangling Jane Bishara. And leaving her body and her Mercedes SUV. Is this morning a free man. He come. Bob -- sister walked out of her brother's home saying the family was shocked and that they wanted police protection which they were later refuse. Where literally scared for our -- I -- this crazy guy is out. -- reportedly pointed the finger at -- bust -- Sharon's husband Bob who again says paid him almost two granted do the deed. But now -- char -- lawyer is fighting back. I don't believe -- -- -- In a news conference -- -- -- Graham announced his own theory of the crime without any proof. Saying perhaps Ganz went to diminish our family home to collect money he was owed by Bob. I -- -- This Joseph we'll look in the nice car your driving. Look at -- nice home you live in. Why can't you paid leave and an argument ensues between the two in the next thing you know a wonderful woman has a broken down. In a rather extraordinary 91 minute QNA session the attorney variously swore. And everything that you couldn't -- -- And criticize Republicans and gave personal details about his multiple divorces -- many marriages. He also defended his client against the avalanche of leaks and lurid tales in the local media. About Bishara having a mistress running a secret S and M club down these stairs beneath a bar in a building he owned them. And having contact with this dominatrix. There are being interest a. I'm not sure they're -- an alternative lifestyle. Congress for much in this case. -- -- clearly had a lot to talk about in this case and for more on this let's Argentine -- Harrison is the correspondent for inside country TV good morning good morning generally appreciated. So until gets. Why it would police released a man who has reportedly confessed to murder. Why because at this point they don't have probable cause that he committed the crime the murder of Jane bazaar and a confession isn't probable that's not enough hits not a not because somebody could confessed all day so they're looking for evidence to cooperate with what he's saying this is going to be a forensics case stand. Because she -- for her life her nails came off now. Maybe they don't have the DNA results yet you know they're gonna look for DNA. On the nails under the nails they're gonna look for anything -- places and Joseph -- in -- Garage it looks like they don't have it yet or they would have arrested him now this doesn't mean that they won't get it again. But I would think that the DNA would have been on a fast track to come back because they're holding a man in custody in constitutionally they had to release him. Does that mean it could possibly mean that they don't think he'd dated and they think somebody else that it possibly. Possibly but why would jump gay and looks like he's owed money as the defense attorney for for Bob the -- as saying let's see that he was owed money by Bob 2000 -- get back at Bob. I'm going to that police station and I'm gonna say that Bob made me do it. Yeah -- -- spend life in prison sure that's worth 2000 dollars -- not getting back it doesn't make sense a lot. In this case doesn't add up what -- you what do you make of the defense attorneys theory that he floated at his rather interesting press conference where he said that he he thought that against came to the house. Got into an argument -- game Musharraf and ended up strangling. In the garage into Iraq on the one hand it's brilliant right because it places Joseph -- as the sole perpetrators of the crime not implicating -- the -- at all. But yet let's look at the facts it goes against about the -- said -- -- said. That he knows his wife was at home on that Tuesday because the TV was on her right. So it doesn't add up what the facts that Bob has said. -- just a few seconds how damaging is all this stuff about the extramarital affair the dominatrix how bad is that. For Bob the -- -- Motive in prosecutor's -- it shows -- there's a potential jury pool out there that's watching all of this. It's not good for him and the defense attorney is very worried about the potential jury that jury pool and I know that -- held that press conference yesterday. Thank you very much we really appreciate your time being --

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Handyman who confessed is now free and pointing his finger at Jane's husband. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15512636","title":"Jane Bashara Murder Mystery Deepens","url":"/GMA/video/jane-bashara-murder-mystery-deepens-15512636"}