Jane Bashara's Killing: Alleged Accomplice

Dan Abrams discusses what a potential break in the case means for investigators.
3:04 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jane Bashara's Killing: Alleged Accomplice
Spring and -- -- legal analyst Dan Abrams now while. The accomplice a real game changer here -- absolutely -- -- if you've got someone who's coming forward and saying. I was involved I was there it happened in the house. That's huge because it immediately eliminates the possibility of a stranger. Or air carjacking at Saturn remember. But just be a little careful here arrests -- was made. But in high profile -- cases he do you have a lot of people come out of the woodwork claiming involvement claiming -- they know what happened. But it seems the authorities are giving this guy's story. Real credibility. And that could mean a major development in the investigation but all -- also then police have kind of indicated that they didn't think this was a random act it generates suspect you've got a strangulation you've got -- -- in the backseat of her car. Wearing slippers. Her cell phones still in the car. In an area far away from their house and this is again -- becomes so important if she was killed in the house then it becomes clear that this is effectively. A speech C. That someone brought her someone took the car to this area. And tried to make it look like something else and that again become such an important clue in the -- Texas case says they said before unfortunately it and these these types of cases that a loved one -- looked at first the husband in this case. And family and friends have been standing by him and saying no he is not that type of person it can't be him. And then we learned through the police that. -- -- -- -- And it -- an affair in and of itself. Is it gonna do it. When you put in the context of all these other facts they're gonna be looking very hard -- that they're also going to be wanting to talk to that woman. To see whether she somewhat. That they ought to speak to as well and we know that that they had been seeking to do that. So you do have now these various pieces coming forward. None of it thus far helpful to mr. -- -- how close do you think. Investigators are right -- -- if they have an accomplice whose coming forward and if they believe his story. That the killing occurred in the house. I think that they're going to be very close it's not often that you have. An accomplice was arrested. Without very shortly thereafter -- the person who he was working in the husband. Right -- here if you're broke you're working with him what do you tell him that -- if you if you're his attorney my guess is he told not to say a whole lot. -- -- goaded to. The service recently. And talked about how distraught he was. But if you're his lawyer and -- -- trying to give them legal advice Republican -- talent. Don't say a word they're clearly -- you've whatever they call you -- they're naming your person of interest whether they're calling -- suspect whatever it is there's no question. That they're looking at him and as a result he's got to be very care right and it's. -- at thinking of the family. That this is a very difficult needs to say time for them and their loved ones so much smoke them.

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{"id":15487350,"title":"Jane Bashara's Killing: Alleged Accomplice ","duration":"3:04","description":"Dan Abrams discusses what a potential break in the case means for investigators.","url":"/GMA/video/jane-basharas-detroit-exec-killing-alleged-accomplice-comes-forward-15487350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}