Jane Seymour on her new cougar role and her incredible career

Seymour appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her role in Adam Sandler's "Sandy Wexler."
19:02 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Jane Seymour on her new cougar role and her incredible career
It's. Where is that an air and you have a good race that this president. Do you want a quiet kid lets these boats that come out for argues that he says glad he had firm sold out. Anyway so how are you here this. Doctors Hank heating. So this is serious. How would you do ignore him her until you're doing you you. Two things just. Lonely. Are you worried years old man who feel so if you seem tense time. That means peaches come. Great disease. Me. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what it pop and in the pop culture and my guess the days Jane Seymour. Who I have just always loved and and mean. Somewhere in time we can talk about that we in talk about doctor Quinn medicine woman we can talk about when she played Maria Callas. I would thing to her before we started that she doesn't make it easy to put her in any box that says. This is what he'd done and now on Netflix is standing Wexler with them if he's playing. Well you should describe her she's over sexed chief and outraged at what. This year me she's never sex and Beverly Hills housewives where that cute blonde. Blonde week wearing. And she is waking very wealthy husbands died that he just way. He's right. Almost dead but not quite driving crazy because she wants to move on with life that the money. And that's just not happening today let me say she's reduces atoms soundness act and sanity and and he says Sobel that he doesn't know going on death. So she's she's. It's a seductress. How does that. Stop and it I get off the U intensive or hang together now. Actually be (%expletive) because he lives they actually in the bottom of my when my house's he has right. My kids tell me they seem all the time in but now now we at least this. We got along really well. Tell him of anything would have wanted to I mean conceit. Likes to bring people back in and and to his friends that might his son and doses might be. I did then at an American built only and shall act that may elevate our path H the sky. I'd long gray Harris grandmother and at the Fed might hint that so excited about you being in my movie more than anyone healthy and they watch it maybe twenty times of the day it was something that. That movies how many times. Had no idea it's well when our kids are grown up. We watch these mean little bar as we do ask me about the Greek Muppet caper. Well it's different and then entered in and implement. Keep economy is ranked in doing so. Wing. I was gonna say it's way off the beaten track UOB. Yes. Delight dress she was dean knows no bets if I get the upgrade both the upgrade yes yes what's it recalling now well Jane Seymour as the officers the British and pop is that what politics. That some special things that you died and became an American citizens. I'm not chiller. How much power. The queen can get I like I like to keep your Gary American citizen and yet that's it's great it. Mean that The Beatles on it the acting like that be and it is quite when it's part of the order of the night through how it goes with. Opt you be against Kamal under the mission CB then you become night he would. And bets. You've come effect yard guy and it game. He. So that's the next step career yes Dane Dane. Jeanne what is it that you have to have little truth we know I have a great big Madeline and non that Madeleine which meant Ron. If there ever eaten one of the embassy one I've never seen. When Tony time you have to wed miss when they do white tie and tails and in light and l.s fail. So. Elton John used to do big pot in England white tales where every angle to an ankle mystical it. I'm mingle. When I was saying it beginning about use not being even your odds are missing college you know. Nothing billable. At that. That that will die I. I was born in this speech impediment not try and which I could not my and I had flat feet I ended up doubts into the care of it content gotten. And i.s spend Mets tonight I think Americans as you know real odds consistently consistently so great for you and you even on dancing with the I doubt that this if nothing and we try to find things where it's something you just haven't done. Well active in the pilot and I really think it. How long they plan country music's they you. As outlined what it is. You I'm having way too much fun. When I did. I did Amadeus initial plan some Broadway and impeachable off day he. Auditioned me on the stage. He said to me York character actors in spite of self. Which I was filled with the greatest. Honor that I can because basically said you're too young now to be the cat tractors that you it was going to be. An actress is it carries well that's what it means you've got to invests in most women who play leading ladies play the same thing. And I that's now going to wouldn't you basically start as a bond. Pretty much yes cited them in the hunt. Yes yes. Don't just say. Oh yes. It and it it's it's a big day if I think is concerned as I ever did. Really have to have it you couldn't be in the I'll tell you something very funny when I went to acting due to addition the wedding patches. The direct pet cat kitty cat let me that directs and writes Andy Young the young guys in the room. They tell me if you're wonderful images on film and that was it -- if it consent. They had discovered to me. And I had done nothing since I was twenty to now that might have been fifty side. And they remembered that night got here is that what that senator Bob Allen yeah. That into remember. Things that could you ST that the curse of the bond. I did. It's just you know a lot of them that's what they did so on me that they do well it's I was damned opted bond film because I went into the theater in late. All the classics I did my shakes go need Ibsen everything could to be a in the case which is doing and then spin off the bat I've played. Bathsheba in. King dated and then faggot son whose story. James Mason Michael Farris and then I gave myself I felt that America where I was told it they didn't mind if you live attractive in England of that time. You acted like economics otherwise wouldn't cost you. Really is that I to a Celtics fan too exotic because volunteer. Was missing out there so that with Roger Moore the and so when member. If this is. I wasn't it's and you're just rusted. And it was pretty frightening actually. It was a very heady experience I was in net New Orleans who I got. Mugged in Bugsy and Upton and I was the fencing have really look back that's leveling. I swung my hand I get the guy and ran. And that was told up to doing that who would tell you want he said adding a much if that's just give it that way. And I'd read the script the script she thinks handbag and bonds they just automatically. So pat back. It's dubbed snake that they can at a theme of the guys in the snake. And the act who's doing it got comfortable the stakes in between takes but if they can hand to discuss the snake. Wound around it said bet him he dropped the fake and I tied up the same as saying it's coming straight for me. And if the bay lots second somebody grabbed the city right grabbed the snake. And is thought crying he said that his essay is not in the died because the league he dug the dog for the guy was holding it should've left the fangs in. And you know for them come and take out he did snake atlases banks. All that's just this that it's. I was terrified. So there's there's a great start to think this is what I dreamed up. Yet to hook into the along and I wanted to be bond got to do its that you fought against it. And I we didn't you I didn't. Why didn't fought against it but. There was a statement I mean I was I was still listed to do yanks. They assess Johnson messenger which I would have loved to done and he thought I was the majesty he really believed I was attacked. And then some in the very last second told him that actually I was a bond was it gonna happen again. So that's used to happen to me and then I just had a story about you ask assumes do you rate you were auditioning. Ford the thorn birds yes that didn't get that part now. And you were nursing. I had had a baby and I had been seeing and I was told that I was their choice but that the loss that they want to do kind of chemistry. Unit type. Internet read with. With contentment and I and they said look you know you even know us and sent back to stop in essence if you -- that young now. So I stopped asking did everything like that and then I thought I better bring an outfit for the the scene that we're in bed because again. Think I'm and be naked in. If they think Tyson beach anyway been racked up this sort of and the lottery thing that I was wearing and let me did the the last scene would get along really well by the rich and and I really well we had lunch together we talking about and astray there it was it was all happening. And my Milt came and ruler of his bad test how the mother's milk or having its own erotic. Not to hit. Rea he just went one. Ed that was it that was it that was so nice to embarrass tons Rachel wood comes in and then I know makes on this story but it's true story. I'd then in its e-book to other movies and the scholar and an island to make it back to back. And my agent gets to pull up to festive filming film bags and they me back. You try to but the connect via. But I brought up a little bit in the beginning about somewhere in time because not only they're people that will still. Say. You see that's like the notebook that's like all of those movies that tears come to people's eyes when they think of it and you worked with. Christopher ray. And you name one of your children after. Absolutely Chris Chris and I'm very very place we. Love that movie the love the experience of making and we it was his youthful island Mac and I and where no cause or Latvian because ever allowed that with the ones that they proton. To do the movie and it was just a magical experience in a magical little film and and that it was killed by the critics say that it was the last thing nine. And his wife. What do they come off this Christmas was you know very upset and embarrassed by I think. And and then it turned out to be of the new anonymous successful things into resident Madonna mean. People would stop payment go crazy about some way in time obviously Superman but somewhere in timeless music second. And two mistake people stop me everywhere that they watch that movie set to forty times. It's amazing. It's like mean you have in your career you've worked with some amazing people book and a late doctor Quinn medicine and you be you had another one of those some people get one of those parts in a lifetime you've gotten. And then number of them where you really about you but that one is. You from boss then you go to Colorado. He it also was one of the first series I remember we're dealt with gender politics. Oh yes actually you write well when I did it. I was offered it when I was bankrupt and penniless and homeless. And I pulled my I'll wait a minute seriously how high they married to the top business manager and in Hollywood. And without me realizing he'd lost stolen money and left me in terrible terrible terrible seconds that nice job yet nice job so that's one of the divorce is as. As. Now I'm quite friendly with him it's people can find it very hot when Stan that it would give I have I don't generous figure we have children I have had opened hot. As that he did I have heart I diet I accept the stuff in life like my mother told me and I have my and I. I reach out to have a purpose and help people seem to have it together that way you know do you ever have a dark period where it's just. You know I don't want to get up in the morning and you know I'm incredibly force because I do know people who suffer from depression I do not suffer from depression and I can get depressed. Bet I usually I shake myself out of it pretty quick. And you know that some and they my mom she said in in life and things that topped a natural instinct is to close off god. Keep it inside and if you do it to me like it scratched rectory around and ran around and eat you alive but if you can accept what's happened. To the hottest thing in the world to do. Whether it's a broken married Torre in fidelity of betrayal and you loser in money or my mother's case you know you'll mysteries in life and in internment camp the Japanese cabinet level to you know you. You would you accept it she could accept that I can accept what's happening to me and meet chat help someone else when you reached habitat hopes someone else you have the puppets. So much of the puppets to get out the other end pity party and then. Amazingly enough you know. It fills a hot assessment and hot thing. Either you've won two Golden Globe right you've won four planes. Doctor Mike tonight India and then Nen. And the big east of Eden and we call CI is it and that one. The war remembrance I got nominate that was a great that ointment. Be on line. If somebody said a you know they just saw you in something and they sit I just want to see everything you've done and some of them get away. Some of the ones I mean the most to get away again two or three. That well that are listening to this that you would wish that they would look at. I think funny Campbell. It's a very good. Movies that was then that he tag team. 22 story about the woman and English woman who isn't famous Shakespearean actors and liked them. Who married one of these Avis and in Philadelphia. And ended up write a book about life in the plantation just like British did support the spouses civil law. The story Americans. I don't know some. I did one that you'll Nancy. But it was brilliant with Bruce Greenwood. And it was pulled the apps attitude and it was all about politics and the media and used when another. And very top because it was very topical at the time and was coming up they pulled it. And they said no we just changing the date and it but on opposite Ellen coming out. Never been seen other than men which was you know. The death flexible time. We don't let the dot quit you know that was never really meant yes as successful series. What was it mean today the one I think this is to be like the produces. You know springtime hit I think that they said to me we gonna do something that we'll have to note. Chance to make a woman in the lead that that's what. You think about the best time they had one lead area. The period piece definitely does not west but get back children and animals you know. Human values morality. In and said they gave us the death flock of 8 o'clock. Is ridiculous at Kennesaw are on opposite the orange belt it really careless they came in top ten men you know it announced with people with that you know that every. People just won't vote you and those care but think back. About what does matter America export. Expo dumped equipment and 98 countries and I've read in Gorbachev in the big hug the book and a Chinese and every. In front of every day I mean as far as I can think he's weird period. It's not dated you know act. Get done yesterday. But because this is your first time on the alliance wrote that you. Well thank you don't have enough time to talk about all these babies and ignited about mate but I haven't gotten quiet. I'd say I am bank the it's yet but it still isn't song whoever's we. Just. I do that and Ollie. Now I can't believe a missing and when I aimed at callous I have to vocal cord and the trying to get him to say. And fakes the only asked me at Cambridge U widgets you can do hope I would good wall. That was. And it's lamentable. Outcome I'd that wasn't what song I did I now only watched. Playing cricket and every kind of game. Who full full open pan am human made name but not real country cool due to prevail upon in line. And no matter what we knew. Suisham you will tumble since coming to you forces scheduled as did before. We didn't wall and who lose you'll. But we think you all to good rule for oil pay in the and all concrete. And then I mean. It used so go on. If I didn't realize it was a Maggie Smith. Mid ninety's might not Maggie look at Maggie. You know its he's got the dame wanted to go Bremer via you yet that's what and that's what I I think yes and yes that's it. Thank you thank you Thelma thank you this with great.

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{"id":47467402,"title":"Jane Seymour on her new cougar role and her incredible career ","duration":"19:02","description":"Seymour appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about her role in Adam Sandler's \"Sandy Wexler.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jane-seymour-cougar-role-incredible-career-47467402","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}