Janet Jackson on Weight, Conrad Murray Trial

Singer explains challenges she, her family faced since Michael Jackson's death.
6:02 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Janet Jackson on Weight, Conrad Murray Trial
Earlier we told but the new challenges ahead for Michael Jackson's daughter Paris now and it turned to -- and -- at the superstars live life in the public constituted child. This year has been no different now the singer and actress is speaking out for the first time now. The trial of Conrad Murray and he's talking juju Chang and -- Steve good to see you -- Janet told me it's been a year of great sadness because of everything the Conrad Murray trial turned up emotionally. But she also described -- -- great joy -- connecting with fans on a popular world tour. But what really shocked me was her admission that even at the height of her fame with those rock card adds we all remember. Janet Jackson felt bad about her body. Janet Jackson is -- study. Contract. -- -- -- I loved praying. Room from. But offstage intensely private even -- The youngest child in -- wildly successful show business family she seemed like the confident child star. And yet she was deeply self conscious about her -- Where did that come from. Since when I was a kid being the baby of the family. He hit teens actually wrote in your book Michael would -- -- about -- but being too big and Carrie that from my adult life. But they remains and indignant. Exactly she's not and -- This team usually when I did attack. I remember it my very first -- the wardrobe woman she hasn't given. I'm contestants and justice -- -- -- was developing at a very needs in the following seasons and an immediate commencement and internalized tonight. -- just have to believe. And while her -- became I'm in control she felt anything -- When you were fluctuating what -- -- comfort foods -- Ice -- sometimes chips cookies some -- healthy food -- too much. While the world saw this in the love will never do get. She saw a different -- It boggles my mind that in the midst of looking as great as you did in those music videos where you had your bare -- and everything to. And what he's thinking -- your head. About your body and I didn't can you -- can't we always find something wrong with acts some -- If it's not crimes with ten pounds so I could very easily and myself apart and that's what I would do that's when team. As -- -- did fluctuate in 2005 this paparazzi shot shows a much heavier Janet. In her newly released paperback she shares the highs and the lows and talks candidly about her love hate relationship with food. In fact her lifelong struggle with self acceptance she says made her want to help others and in a surprising move today she reveals tenuous -- -- -- -- -- that works for you. The new face and body of Nutrisystem. Making -- -- Some might say I -- -- -- -- doing Nutrisystem. As someone who has Yo-Yo back and forth what makes. You think that this one is going to be different it's a matter of learning how to keep frank that maintenance and they have a program for. My success plans just to see how things feel good about me. All of us who have that month -- genes that we have a relationship and. I think every woman in America it does. For Janet Jackson 2011 has been the year of -- That's been. I -- in the hacking incident and some sadness. It's been difficult at times. Like -- the death. Through the trial of doctor. Conrad Murray who's now serving a four year jail sentence when it came to the trial you tweeted out. Justice has been served. What did you mean. -- exactly. Even though it doesn't remember out of black. Eyes and happy -- tonight. The consistent home. It's also been a year of an international -- Time to -- -- Hamlin. Just this week there was news that your niece Paris assigned to do a movie -- that being the fifth. And happy for her because this is that she wants to do. -- you at twelve had a very interesting experience do you share that kind of advice with her. I told us that he should really take this time two in Chile you used to its fullest did you lose so much every child. -- -- Janet still sees herself as the baby is generally but she says she's all grown up I'm able to look in the -- I couldn't perform. I'm very grateful to people tend to do what I love most -- I really -- I was here. To do minutes -- opponents. Janet told me not a day goes by that she doesn't think about her brother they were so close. Now once she got so personal about her struggles with -- she refused to talk about any numbers like the number of -- she plans to. News or the number of pounds that she plans to stay off wasn't anything she says she doesn't want people to be fixated on that number she wants a goal to be helped. They couldn't get over that -- when you ask her about Paris. -- it's clear I asked her what kind of antley advice do you have for her and it's clear that she's trying to steer her away from the pitfalls that -- really marked her upbringing. -- and I'm like thank you very much.

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{"id":15160978,"title":"Janet Jackson on Weight, Conrad Murray Trial","duration":"6:02","description":"Singer explains challenges she, her family faced since Michael Jackson's death.","url":"/GMA/video/janet-jackson-weight-conrad-murray-trial-childhood-michael-15160978","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}