Japanese Dogs Suck Up Oxygen to Lose Weight

Tokyo spa's weight loss program for dogs takes place in a hyperbaric chamber.
2:23 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Japanese Dogs Suck Up Oxygen to Lose Weight
They are -- Dreams. Didn't live like -- Treatment so. They're part of the sixteen billion dollars. Signing. -- -- -- -- -- they've done he hyperbaric chamber. Oxygen -- -- canceled better known to treat athlete's injuries now used to breathe new life. Then it's best brands and this -- he went styles bonds Tokyo. Here for medical therapy but -- -- -- -- Buchanan and -- and owners don't have time for god ones their descendants the extra oxygen in the body cells. These cops just the energy and -- The canine hyperbaric -- similar to human once used to treat athletes like Michael Phelps. Now the creator of this one says ten minutes inside this chamber. Is equivalent. To two hours of exercise. It's preliminary did it go -- you can he's done since the treatment also adds extra shine to her Miniature -- They're losing skills come in for ten minute sessions twice a month coupled with -- aromatherapy. A month. -- -- a whopping 400 dollars. But just how effective -- the oxygen treatments. He wants to. The officer -- Pressure inside. Equivalents and -- seven feet underwater. And coma and never winds and a green. We're oh. Just nine minutes into the treatment -- Clean this science. We'll see -- little. You've got in six. It's her guns and extra bands and she also says they've gotten rid of -- their -- The verdict is still out on -- day. Lifestyle says it takes musicians -- -- to. Each costing twenty dollars that's one. -- likely diets. And keep the computer got ABC news.

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{"id":18907045,"title":"Japanese Dogs Suck Up Oxygen to Lose Weight","duration":"2:23","description":"Tokyo spa's weight loss program for dogs takes place in a hyperbaric chamber.","url":"/GMA/video/japanese-dogs-suck-oxygen-lose-weight-18907045","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}