Jared Remy Arraigned for Murder, Domestic Assault Charges

Son of famed Red Sox broadcaster stands accused of killing his girlfriend.
2:22 | 08/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jared Remy Arraigned for Murder, Domestic Assault Charges
Son of a well known baseball announcer who was facing murder charges this morning. In a shocking case played out in the Boston -- Sharpton Jerry Remy has been the beloved Red Sox broadcaster for decades even once played for the team that had been now -- son who once worked for the Sox stands accused of killing his girlfriend. A crime her family says they saw coming. ABC's -- Deedee Roy is here with us. Story that hey there can be -- heartbreaking story this morning -- Renny is behind bars being held without bail. The victim's uncle says his -- was kind and outgoing. And that the couple's relationship was volatile. Jennifer -- tells loved ones remember her as beautiful a good mother and it kind friend. She was a great kid beverage bubbly and she always had like to have -- police say the 27 year old was stabbed to death late Thursday night by her boyfriend. 34 year old shared -- son of famed Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy. Prosecutors describe it as he vicious attack that happened in friend multiple neighbors who tried to help neighbors -- -- we tried to. We -- job. -- has pleaded not guilty. But she's dead now. And I predicted it to my friend Richard Martell is Jennifer's uncle. He says they were warning signs of danger just two days before -- death police records show -- was arrested for assault and battery at the couple's home. Prosecutors say Martell got a restraining order but did not extend it when it expired Wednesday night. Never let her goal all anywhere and he wanted her for himself fifteen criminal charges have been filed against Ramey in Walton district court since 1998. Most of them involving assault charges despite that grammys attorney says his client is innocent. -- Texas Jeremy Finley obviously and yeah devastated. Just a very sad tragic day for two families. -- says his Neeson -- had a four year old daughter together a little girl with the mother -- and her father in jail. That little girl is now in protective custody -- his lawyer says he's trying to figure out what happened leading up to mark health stabbing pointing out that his client had what could be described as defensive wounds. -- is due back in court next month. The sad story Elena I think -- this could have been prevented him Perot well. Thank you --

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{"id":19989395,"title":"Jared Remy Arraigned for Murder, Domestic Assault Charges","duration":"2:22","description":"Son of famed Red Sox broadcaster stands accused of killing his girlfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/jared-remy-arraigned-murder-domestic-assault-charges-19989395","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}