Jason Aldean Announces MLB Team Up for New Tour

CMT's Artist of the Year for the fourth year running makes big news on 'GMA.'
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Aldean Announces MLB Team Up for New Tour
couple of week, this man right here, jason aldean could be picking up his first grammy. His latest cd "night train" up for best country album. Meantime he's just been named artist of the year for the fourth year running, 8.5 million records sold. Give it up for the one and only jason aldean. ♪ thank you. That's a great introduction. I get all excited. Feel like I'm at the ballpark. I know how you love sports. Okay, the big announcement. Let's hear it. This year to make a big announcement and actually partnered up with major league baseball to kick off a new tour. It's called -- 2014 tour called the burn it down tour like i said partnered with major league baseball. We'll go to a bunch of stadiums this year so those are going to start to come out, the stadiums we'll do will come out, you know, periodically throughout the year and totally I think it's going to be about total of about 50 shows. Whoo. In -- on this tour so we got florida georgia line going out with us. Excellent. Fun year. Last time I saw you at fenway, you sold that out in two nights, biggest crowd ever there. Hope you get in our neighborhood this year closer to home. And you can -- you got good -- we went down in the box, the batting cages and you can more than hold your own. You wanted to be a baseball player, right? Yeah, at one point I kind of felt that was going to be my career path and, you know, problem is I didn't have any power, so -- it's all right here. You got the power right here in the vocal chords and the iheartradio, country music festival in march. Looking forward to you being out with that, as well. Yeah, it's going to be great. Texas, this year and a lot of

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{"id":21474076,"title":"Jason Aldean Announces MLB Team Up for New Tour","duration":"3:00","description":"CMT's Artist of the Year for the fourth year running makes big news on 'GMA.'","url":"/GMA/video/jason-aldean-interview-2014-baseball-stadium-tour-mlb-21474076","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}