Jason Aldean's Single 'Take a Little Ride' Goes Gold

The country singer talks about his hit new album, "Night Train."
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Jason Aldean's Single 'Take a Little Ride' Goes Gold
All right. Multiplatinum country singer, jason aldean is going on the fast track to superstardom. His latest single, "take a little ride," off his latest album, "night train" out today. Billboard just labeled him the hottest country male act in country music. Jason will perform for us in a little bit. We're delighted to have you here. Each one of your albums have has outsold the priest one. No pressure with today. You know, I tried to take a little of the pressure off. There was a lot of expectations for this new album. Just try to go in and find some great songs. You know, make what we thought was a great album. And I think we were able to do that. You have said you never want your albums to sound like anybody else on the radio. What do you mean like that? I think at times, in nashville, you have -- a sound? Session players that come in and play on everybody's records. And I've chosen to use my road band in the studio with me. You know, and I think that just kind of sets us apart. Everything from my producer to our engineers, to my band. I think it gives a different sound. And makes our records not sound like anybody else's. With all of the record sales, all of the number one hits, the cma nominations, has come fame. And you call that, quote, a learning experience. What do you mean by that? You know, I haven't been famous all that long. It's something I'm still learning how to deal with. And you know, something that i, you know, learn from every day. And your family, too, i imagine. You recently had an incident where you did publicly apologize. It was a raucous night and stuff happened. It's an unfortunate thing. But I've kind of said, you know, what I had to say to everybody about it. And I really don't think there's anything really left to say about it. It's hard, though, when you're living in the public spotlight. You signed up for it. Maybe your loved ones didn't. Absolutely. And I think that's the thing. Unfortunately, they are kind of along for the ride, too. You know, it's something we all kind of are learning to deal with. We're going to hear you sing after the break, "take a little ride." That almost didn't make it on to this album, I hear? It was almost on my last album. You know, and we kind of started running out of room to put it on the last album. Luckily, we were able to hang on to it, save it and get it on the new record. It became the lead single for this album. So far, after ten weeks, we're sitting number one. It's doing really well for us. Got it out of your drawer full of songs. Jason aldean will be back.

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{"id":17488967,"title":"Jason Aldean's Single 'Take a Little Ride' Goes Gold","duration":"3:00","description":"The country singer talks about his hit new album, \"Night Train.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jason-aldean-interview-single-ride-gold-17488967","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}