Jason Segel Brings Back 'The Muppets'

Actor reveals his favorite Muppet, says making new flick is a "dream come true."
4:16 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Jason Segel Brings Back 'The Muppets'
Behind the movie is -- Jason Segal. And and bringing -- company back to the big screens for the first time in twelve years joining us right now to talk about. Writing executive producing and starring in a real passion projects. Yeah I've been on the working on this for about four years now on and the fact that a new generation gets to have -- -- -- -- -- is really exciting it's really -- I don't beginning grew up singing phenomenon yeah so glad that we can now have another generation so wonderful group. About two hours and I thanks let me first ask you that's why -- you so passionate about it what was it about the Muppets that resonated because I know you're telling me. Another time we spoke that you really fought for Dallas yeah well I. I think that. As a comedian Muppets are sort of the gateway at a comedy when you're young. They lead in says Saturday Night Live and Monty Python vet their sir your first exposure -- -- Comedy that feels a little bit dangerous like there's always this sense that the Muppets could. Bubble over in any manner -- -- controlled chaos and it's. Come on the underlying absolutely currents that they also like they -- -- the best version of ourselves. They're so optimistic -- and their messages were stronger. Together than we are pardon it's just something -- -- felt like. It was important that kids -- that message. I mean I know you've fought hard to get it done you you had a script written with your writing partner nick Stoller Gloria. From forgetting Sarah Marshall had so obviously there were questions we'll just -- not -- -- -- what is this story -- -- -- The story it is about some some small town folks myself and my brother Walter who happens to be a -- and Amy Adams my girlfriend. Who come to Los Angeles to meet -- -- -- and when we find them. There they're sort of in disarray and so my my puppet brother Walter decides he needs to get them up its back together and put on a show. To save their studio from the evil oil -- Tex -- but I. Academy Award winner Chris Cooper has some deep feelings you rapping but we do have a -- -- excuse my -- that's -- a fantastic. Don't forget to send -- -- postcard from the -- studios. You know I'm sorry. I can't do that Walter but. -- because. They're -- us boom. Can't beat well look what about -- she's fine she said the more the merrier I. I don't know what does it to look at studios are -- Gary. Is better get a move on we don't want to miss that -- no wait. That's who knows may -- it'll be there I wouldn't get your hopes up. -- come up hadn't put on a show together in years. I don't think he's the studios for anything -- anymore after I think it's just its Internet rumor what is it potentially cold Turkey. -- had to of been fond of riding the back story of where the -- -- when they dispersed I didn't have it plus -- doing what. Fuzzy bear is in the terrible. Lounge act to pitch to load casino in Reno singing -- -- songs. That he is adapted to talk about the hotel specials thanks very -- there really is how much acting without. It was the coolest thing ever you know I was a little nervous about seeing behind the -- -- -- arm and -- puppeteers but when I walked away with was this sense of these -- here's the unsung heroes of the whole thing. They're acting and singing and their comedians American forces -- -- appearing. And their job is to be invisible at the end of the day but right. The guy who plays -- -- is also playing Miss Piggy and animal and any other context sensitive Peter Sellers ask. -- so I walked away realizing her talent these guys are. It's very funny thank you loved it I know he -- making you ride the tiger first table reading with black dragging -- experiment. And what was disconcerting for everyone else is like that was one of the executive producers some sort of supposed to be the boss guy and -- -- -- hard I try really really -- let out a little kid hits his head it's a dream come true big all of us really. A great job on SNL very little money so -- dance champion I know you must have seen the great -- And I.

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{"id":14997328,"title":"Jason Segel Brings Back 'The Muppets'","duration":"4:16","description":"Actor reveals his favorite Muppet, says making new flick is a \"dream come true.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jason-segel-brings-muppets-back-big-screen-14997328","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}