Jason Young Retrial: The Case Against Him

Dan Abrams discussed the retrial in the beating death of a pregnant woman.
1:50 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Jason Young Retrial: The Case Against Him
There's a lot of fascinating -- in this case and her talk about it our legal analyst Dan Abrams and people may not be familiar with this case a crime took place in 2006 he wasn't even -- -- 2009 so lay out both sides of the case. It's actually fascinating case and not that -- and you saw hung jury here key points to the prosecution. He's got motive. He's having affairs he doesn't want a pregnant wife he doesn't want another child. Computer searches that Andrea mentioned maybe the most important witness. -- a gas station attendant. Who says that he bought gas at 5:30 in the morning and she sure it was him why is that so important because remember he says that he was sleeping. In another state at that time prosecutors say not -- he left that hotel went back to killer and then tried to drive back. And that's what a gas station attendant becomes really really important. For the defense. No direct evidence they're gonna say -- -- two other people's DNA found the house. So this is -- interesting case when it comes the maybe one of the most horrifying details to that little two year old who -- was just talking about she was found. In the dead. Without her socks on and yet there were little baby footprints. Throughout the blood. So it's clear. That the child was walking in the blood and that the Sox were taken off. Prosecutors saying that that's only a father as somebody who really cared about debt I've would have done such a -- that -- -- Sanders also said that they have their surprise when he took the stand the first time -- think of -- litigant it's always surprised when a defendant takes a stand and yes I think he'll do it again I think it makes it a little tougher form. Because now for any inconsistencies in his story prosecutors have an entire account. To refer back -- to say hey wait a -- In the first trial didn't you say acts -- regard to each and every detail so I think that's actually an advantage for prosecutors going into trial tenant or reach out this. -- once -- have an advantage over the other when there's a retrial and -- from a hung jury it tends to be prosecutors because they can fix some of the mistakes they can see what the defense did they can see with the problems work. The problem in this Casey's you know there really is actual evidence which is -- other people's DNA found at the scene. That the defense can reliance this isn't just a question of how the case was tried. It's the evidence it's the fact that he had the guys taking the witness stand to the jurors at least eight of them found to be pretty credible. Takes the witness stand again if -- credible again it may be tough once again to get a conviction could think all right Dan thank you very much.

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{"id":15385048,"title":"Jason Young Retrial: The Case Against Him","duration":"1:50","description":"Dan Abrams discussed the retrial in the beating death of a pregnant woman.","url":"/GMA/video/jason-young-retrial-case-15385048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}