Man Retried for Wife's Death

North Carolina man says he wasn't in the state when his pregnant wife was killed
3:25 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Man Retried for Wife's Death
The high profile high stakes trial. Underway in North Carolina where -- husband is being retried for the brutal beating death of his pregnant wife. Jason young faces life in prison without parole if he is convicted but as ABC's Andrea canning -- -- -- report young said he wasn't even in North Carolina. But the murder took place right -- and the defense. -- is calling this case completely circumstantial. They say Jason young was in Virginia when the murder happened. The prosecution maintains he slipped home in the middle of the night and a rocky marriage that was dragging him down. They say he was seeing other women and there was also his wife's life insurance policy at stake. Jury selection is now under way in this new trial that's expected to last six weeks. Jason young is back in the North Carolina courtroom facing first degree murder charges for allegedly killing his wife. He's accused of bludgeoning Michelle -- to death when she was five months pregnant. This is his second trial in less than a year in June 2011 a jury deadlocked. Eight jurors voted to acquit and four to convict ending in a mistrial. Patrols adjourn -- declares mistrial no prosecutors and the defense are preparing to make their cases all over again. The prosecution claims young killed his wife in cold blood on the night of November 3 2006. When he was supposed to be out of town on business. The only potential witness the young and then two year old daughter Cassidy who was found unharmed hiding under the covers of her -- bad. -- -- The prosecutors argue young left his hotel room -- -- -- Virginia just after midnight. Drove the 160 miles to his home near Raleigh murder and Michelle and then drove back. Investigators say young refused to cooperate with their investigation. And found Internet searches on his computer for head trauma -- and anatomy of a knock out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This plan was to get away with it in a rare move Jason young stunned the courtroom during his first trial taking the stand in his own defense. Did you do your watch film no sir -- -- there won't happen no sir he claimed to be devastated by his -- staff and just broken and in Louisville. There was. It just didn't feel really didn't feel it didn't feel like he was. He didn't feel like it was happening over the course of the three week trial young did admit to cheating an explosive arguments. We're both. Very passionate. I was very hard headed and we didn't. We didn't want to give -- -- young claims things never got physical but Michelle's mother testified he was a volatile husband. She had that -- that -- -- -- patients. You know she loves life. I need to do -- America just. An hour now would Jason young on trial for second time his lawyers will once again argue their client wasn't. Perfect but that he is innocent. And something we were struck by the dramatic change in young's appearance from his arrest in 2009. To young in the courtroom yesterday. We should also mention that young was ordered to pay his wife's family sixteen million dollars in a civil wrongful death suit. And Michelle young sister has custody of the -- now seven year old daughter Cassidy and Robin it just breaks your heart when you see the video about little girl that she was there.

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{"id":15385015,"title":"Man Retried for Wife's Death","duration":"3:25","description":"North Carolina man says he wasn't in the state when his pregnant wife was killed","url":"/GMA/video/jason-young-retried-death-wife-15385015","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}