Jaycee Dugard Checks Off Life Goals

Diane Sawyer meets with the woman once held captive for 18 years.
2:35 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Jaycee Dugard Checks Off Life Goals
Revelations from Jaycee Dugard you remember her story kidnapped at eleven she spent eighteen horrifying years in captivity. And we learned so much about this extraordinary inspiring woman she told a story last year Diane Sawyer -- this week. -- came in New York City for the first time and -- -- to talk about her new life. And all the way she's making up for lost time. You may remember she was eleven years old waiting for the school bus when convicted sex offender Phillip garrido and his wife Nancy kidnapped -- And imprisoned her and a deranged backyard. She was pregnant at thirteen. Gave birth to two daughters her incredible story of survival told in the book a stolen life. -- -- Philip garrido -- now saying no longer have to keep a secret. -- restaurant. After eighteen years of mind control and terror still so much that has to be -- learned. How to speak out comment. Saying what I want instead of finding out when everybody else wants. It's well -- want this -- be surprised. That it takes this long I think you know I mean felons who -- -- years. Tell -- -- You said but we talked before that maybe you'll find someone for you. Someone you love. And who doesn't love you and I take it they paid me know when you've seen so -- go -- and -- I don't meet -- wall and just I I can't go there yet but. It's too soon. Before she left we checked once again that's -- list a little girls held captive once married. As she dreamed. What life could. See mom. First unless we see the parents. Bright and hot air balloon contracting out -- Learned to drive check. Swim with a -- is not yet learned to say no. -- horseback -- check he can write a best seller check. -- -- shut up anything you and add to your list afternoons. Like this too short to think about all the things he don't have. Even if it is just when things -- person you have. To be thankful for. That -- -- A wise one. Still every time you hear her story and see the progress that she has named and you just think about those those years that she was a way to be -- as. As it has grounded and is doing as well she says -- -- -- -- it is just fantastic story.

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{"id":15917948,"title":"Jaycee Dugard Checks Off Life Goals","duration":"2:35","description":"Diane Sawyer meets with the woman once held captive for 18 years.","url":"/GMA/video/jaycee-dugard-interview-accomplishing-life-goals-15917948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}